July 31, 2023

Flag Mural, Harpers Ferry

This house is called the Flag House and it's easy to see why.

Harpers Ferry is a historic town at the confluence of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River. It is unique and beautiful, with a national historic park at the riverfront.
Mosaic Monday / Murals

July 30, 2023

Hospital D, A Church in Burkittsville

Antietam Campaign, 1862

Burkittsville is a charming small town in Maryland, not far from Frederick. 

"Union surgeons turned Burkittsville, a quiet rural village of some 200 people, into a hospital complex after the September 14, 1862, Battle of Crampton’s Gap. The building in front of you, the German Reformed Church, was Hospital D."

You can read the rest of this marker on the Historic Marker Database. 

July 29, 2023

Setting up a Petting Zoo

A few weeks ago, I watched a Mobile Petting Zoo getting set up. 

I’ve seen most of these animals before at local festivals.

Saturday Critters

I didn't stay long because I had left Charlie at home and he gets anxious when I'm not there. 

July 27, 2023

A Smoother Path

Seven Bends State Park

A paved earthen bridge now crosses the ditch between the parking lot and the Bass Bight Trail. This replaces a jumble of rocks that was an invitation to a twisted ankle.

Good fences: Gosia is posting again and will bring back the Good Fences linkup. 

The river water is low, but not too low for tubing.

A ramp with steps is helpful when you want to bring a canoe up a steep slope. It's also fun to explore. 

July 26, 2023

Fawn and Woodpecker

The young deer was with his mom, but she was camera shy. I took this picture on Monday and today I saw more deer, but I was driving on a road where it was not safe to stop.

The woodpecker picture is from a previous July. I believe it’s a red-bellied woodpecker because that’s the kind I usually see around here.

Wild Bird Wednesday


July 25, 2023

Foundations at Camp Roosevelt

The First CCC Camp in the Nation

 Administration Building

Wash House


July 24, 2023

A New Mural in the Friendly City

Monday Murals / Blue Monday

Last week I met Lynn for lunch in Harrisonburg and then we went in search of this new mural on Water Street. The sign on the left says EAT and the smaller writing on the right says The Friendly City.

July 23, 2023

Views from Chapman Landing Road

Near Edinburg

I’ve posted photos from this road before. It runs from Route 11 to the foot of the Massanutten Mountains. 

My Photos app misidentified this corn as sugarcane.

See more collages at the Mosaic linkup.

July 22, 2023

Charlie’s Checkup

In which Charlie tells about going to the veterinarian.

I'm not afraid of going to the veterinary. We go there once or twice a week so that I can stay there while my mom does other things. I don't like that she leaves me, but it's even worse if I have to stay home all by myself for a long time. That gets scary. At least at the veterinary, I get to play with Miss Ella sometimes, and they have a yard where I can run around when I am not resting in my room. 

This time, I could tell that something was different. We had to wait, and I started to worry that they might clip my nails. Then we went in to see a lady doctor who was nice. I didn't like that they put me on a tall table though. Mom held onto me or I would've fallen off.
There are some cats who live there. They seem a little bossy.
Caturday / Critters

I heard that I was in good health. The doctor gave my mom the name of a behaviorist because I am afraid of some ordinary things, but mom says it is a long car ride to get there and car rides are very scary.

I was really glad to get back home. I like being home as long as mom is there.

This morning we saw some things on our walk. It was early because I like to get up as soon as light comes in the window. Mom took pictures of a thing that was in the sky.

 We saw some critters across the street. Mom called this one a "stop pulling."

Well, I better go to bed because the sun comes up early and sometimes mom won’t get up until I make a bunch of noise. There are some jingle bells on the door that I can ring, and a doorstop that goes whirr. Sometimes I scratch on her door and cry. Good night.

July 21, 2023

Hikers on Main Street

Front Royal

In the summer months, hikers are often seen in downtown Front Royal. The town is at the northern border of Shenandoah National Park and within walking distance of the Appalachian Trail. Through-hikers often start in Georgia in early spring and reach Front Royal in the summer, intending to continue north to Maine. 

The trail is almost 2200 miles long and goes up and down mountains. I’ve seen hikers in the shoe store getting new boots to replace worn-out ones. There is even a place where they can take showers and then enjoy a cold beverage. 

Prism in the Garden

Yesterday I shared images taken with a new gadget on my cell phone. Today I'll show you some more, taken in my yard.

Floral Friday/ Garden Affair

July 20, 2023

A Little Toy for my Phone

I got a small prism lens that clips on my phone. They call it a kaleidoscope lens but it’s more of a prism that repeats the center  in a circular fashion. Tilt the phone and you get more of a spiral. Zoom in and you lose the prism and get the subject only. 

I tried it on my iPad, but failed to center it properly over the lens so the images look cockeyed.

Here is the same window hanging taken with the iPhone.

I went out to a parking lot where I had views of the horizon and sky. 

Charlie went with me. He does not like riding in the car but he gets scared being alone in the house.

July 19, 2023

Little Bird, Large Bird

Hummingbirds are so small and sweet! Unfortunately, I haven't seen one lately so this is from my cache of extra photos of 2021.

Last week I brought in the feeder on a hot day and have not put it back out. I worry that the sugar water will spoil or ferment in the heat. Since there are plenty of flowers in my garden, the hummingbirds should be fine for now.

The large bird I have to show you is an eagle, but it’s not a real one. This one was watching over a garden at Glen Burnie.