October 30, 2005

Web updates

Today I updated the Maryland meetings list for the Chemical Sensitivity Support Group. Also added pages covering the Wilderness Battlefield to my Civil War website. The picture above is the view from Clark Mountain, a Confederate Lookout Post. I took this in 1996 when their was an orchard there so the view was accessible to the public.

October 22, 2005

Site meter added

I added a counter from sitemeter.com. This was recommended by Marie Javins.

Meanwhile, Frank is adding pictures to his Walcroft blog.

October 15, 2005

Spotsylvania Photo Pages

The "large" photos of the Spotsylvania field trip are up and linked, starting with Todd's Tavern and progressing past battlefield monuments and landscapes.

I get emails from folks who visit my Civil War website wanting to know the best sites to visit, how to get to certain places, and so on.

October 7, 2005

Shultz History

We spent some time in the Shenandoah County Library today looking for information on Frank's ancestors with the surname Shultz. I was surprised at the large amount of Pennsylvania and German-American genealogical information that they have here.

shultz marker
Last week we visited Marklesburg, PA to see the old Shultz cemetery. The image at left is the marker on route 26 that led us to it. It was erected by Lawrence Shultz of Indiana in the 1960's. He also published a family history which we located in Huntingdon. Here's what the marker says:

Shultz Cemetery
John Shultz, 1791-1851
Mary (Beaver) Shultz, His Wife

Henry Shultz , 1762-1830
Salome, His Wife, Mother of John

Anthony Beaver, 1761-1839
Susanna (Clapper) Beaver, His Wife
Mother of Mary

Lawrence Shultz of Indiana, A Descendant

The cemetery is on private land and is overgrown. Across the road is a lovely pastoral view which probably hasn't changed much since the Shultzes saw it.


October 6, 2005


I'm posting photos of Spotsylvania Battlefield on my Civil War pages. A good overview of sites can be seen at www.cr.nps.gov/hps/abpp/battles/bycampgn.htm

We're supposed to follow more of Grant's Overland Campaign this weekend but rain is forecast. Stay tuned.

October 2, 2005

Back home with our dogs

dog on bed
We just spent a few days in Pennsylania, a state rich in history and greasy restaurants. Today we went to the Seven Bends Kennel to pick up our dogs only to find no one there! It was 4:20 PM and we had been told to come between 4 and 5. Apparently someone did not show up for work, but other customers kept arriving to pick up their pets. We all had to wait. Finally the receptionist arrived just before 5:00, so we were able to retrieve our dogs. It's good to have them back.

I just posted the October list of Spiritual Singles Events. I see that Marie has some new adventures in Africa. Visit her blog to share her visit with some friendly seals.