April 30, 2020

Views from Rivermont

Rivermont is a community in Warren County, VA. It does not have a post office so address-wise it is considered part of Front Royal, although it has a few businesses and a fire department.

Here we see the South Fork of the Shenandoah. Eastham Park is across the river.

The Volunteer Fire Department still uses this building, but a new fire station is under construction near the Front Royal Warren County Airport.

Signs, Signs: I've posted pictures of the fire department's signs a few times. Someone has a sense of humor!

Unsupervised adults playing with firetrucks.
Send Help.

Sharing with Fences.
I've posted pictures of Bennett's Chapel before. It has a beautiful spire and is in a nice country setting.

Right now the Methodist Churches are not holding in-person services due to the risk of spreading Covid-19. Most are presenting online programs.

There's a blessing box at the church where the hungry can pick up something to take home and eat. It looks a bit disheveled right now. I guess when services start up again, someone will repair it.

The final photo shows a residential road with Massanutten Mountain in the background.

April 29, 2020

Bird Feeder Season Ends... Almost

Spring is here and my backyard birds can find food in the wild. Usually I remove their feeders in mid-April and that's when I took these pictures. Since then I have left two feeders hanging, one of nyjer (black thistle) seed and one with red pepper seasoned suet. I hope the bears don't like these foods because I don't want bears that close to my door!

Since our usual spring outings are cancelled due to the pandemic, we are spending more time at home. The birds provide us with beauty and diversion.

Wild Bird Wednesday. Here we see a pileated woodpecker, a grackle, a goldfinch, and a squirrel. The squirrel likes most seed and this woodpecker bar. He doesn't like the nyjer seed or the pepper suet.

Below the squirrel we see a sparrow, a cardinal, a downy woodpecker, and a red-winged blackbird.

I hope you are staying safe and finding beauty around you.

The View from Funk Road

The Barn Collective / Wordless Wednesday

April 27, 2020

A Sunny Monday

The Good: I went out this afternoon for just a little shopping and to take some pictures. The sun was shining and I wanted to get a new picture of the mural at Strasburg Town Park because I saw online that the artist had come back and elaborated on it.

It was just a butterfly when I saw it before. Look at it now!

Monday Murals.
That's Massanutten Mountain in the background. About a half mile away, the same artist decorated the hardware store windows with butterflies.

The Random: I made a collage of three flower photos. A white curb in the vertical photo makes it look a little odd, doesn't it?
Mosaic Monday.
The Fun: These young people were checking out the swinging bridge at Deer Rapids. I drove by a few minutes later and they were crossing it very slowly, tentatively. It's fun but can be scary because when you move, it moves!

April 26, 2020

Marshall UMC

Marshall United Methodist Church stands along Main Street in Marshall, Virginia.

InSpired Sunday, Shadow Shot Sunday.

April 25, 2020

Oh, Goslings!

 On Monday, I was on a video call with a committee for the new state park when I saw this family of geese outside the window. I jumped up to look at the babies! I grabbed the old Nikon that I keep by the window and took a few pictures. Then I went back to the call. The group was deep in conversation and didn't ask where I'd gone.

There are four goslings. One of the parents appears to be a cross between a Canada goose and a domestic goose. The other is a domestic goose (although living more or less wild at our community lake). They were accompanied by a white goose. Geese usually have a relative who helps to guard the babies. This one was taking the job seriously.

Yesterday when I came home from Woodstock, the new family was in my yard again.  I had my Sony camera in the car with me but no zoom lens. I was able to take some pictures but once they saw me, they headed for the lake. 

There was a different guard goose this time, one with a dark head.

The guard goose waited until the family was swimming away and then got in the lake and followed them.

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April 24, 2020

Cloudy Friday in Woodstock

1. I took my recycling to a collection center today, stopping at a hardware store to pick up a few items for gardening. I hope to grow enough vegetables for a salad or two. Then I drove to the town of Woodstock to take a few pictures. 

Skywatch / Black and White Weekend.
2. I wanted a reflection shot so I stopped at a shopping center and found this.

3. Friday Bliss and Floral Friday: Dogwood is Virginia's state tree and it brightens up the landscape so prettily.

4. I believe the yellow flowers are mustard.

5. Also yellow is the wooden bird on a post. I noticed he appears in several places in Woodstock. If you recognize him, you'll know why someone decided he was an appropriate mascot for the town!

April 23, 2020

Barriers and Beauty

Bentonville, VA: You can still enter Shenandoah River State Park but facilities are closed due to the pandemic. The road to the campground is blocked off.

You can still access trails, the river, and the beautiful Cullers Overlook.

On the way home from there I pass the 619 Market, which continues to use their message board to get our attention. I suspect they are short of letters and commas.

Winchester, VA: This pretty gate and landscaping caught my eye.

Also, I saw a sign on a building that corrected an assumption I had: "This is not a door."