August 31, 2014

The Oldest House on Chincoteague Island

The oldest house on the island was the home of Captain Timothy Hill. It was built around 1800.

Europeans first came to the island around 1680. The name originated with local Native Americans whose descendants are said to be the Nanticoke people in nearby Delaware. The population of Chincoteague was small for many years, but grew after a bridge from the mainland opened in 1922.

Accommodations and Ponies, Chincoteague

We stayed at the Days Inn in Chincoteague. We had actually reserved a room at another motel but when we got there we discovered the room was old and musty. We were glad to find a room at the Days Inn, which was nicer although our room was a bit cramped.

Next to the motel was a pen with a couple of fine ponies, Sonador and Red Dawn.

Not far away is the Chincoteague Diner, which had some gluten-free dishes, which made allergy-free eating much simpler.  The staff was very nice.

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August 30, 2014

Egrets, S'il Vous PlaƮt.

Don't Look if You are Tired of Egret Pictures!

While we were on the Eastern Shore I took more egret pictures than I needed. I've been posting my favorites and I thought I was done but then I realized I still had some left that I really like.  Like the others, these are on Assateague Island.

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August 29, 2014

Herons and Friends

birds in marshLike the egrets I showed the other day, these birds inhabit the marshes of Assateague Island. We were on the Virginia part of the island. 

Rainy Morning at the Beach

Frank likes to see the sun rise at the beach, so while on our trip we got up early one morning and drove across the causeway to Assateague Island.  I was pretty skeptical because it seemed very cloudy, and as we walked across the sand we started feeling raindrops falling. I went back to the car but Frank was determined to continue in spite of the weather.  He didn't get to see the sun appear, but he enjoyed the coming of the day and the mood of the ocean. 

The rain let up a couple of times and eventually he appeared over the top of the dune.

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August 28, 2014

A Sign, A Flag, and a Fence at the Beach

Assateague National Seashore, Virginia

When I took these pictures early in the morning, the sign warned that there was no lifeguard on duty. It also states certain rules: "No Glass, No Kites, No Flotation Devices, No Body Boards."

In addition, an explanation is given for the meaning of the nearby flags. The yellow flag with a circle in it means "No Surfing, No Kayaking, No Skim Boarding." I think it also says "No Fishing " but those words are obscured.

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Facing Tom's Cove, 7:37 a.m.

August 27, 2014

Where to See Egrets

Assateague Island

The egrets on Assateague seem to be accustomed to photographers. I've taken pictures of them before, perhaps from this same spot along the road.

This is a wildlife refuge, carefully managed to protect the species that make this home. It's a wonderful place, but wear insect repellent because the mosquitoes are hungry!

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August 26, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

I'm interrupting the photo-story of our trip to the Eastern Shore because it's National Dog Day!

Benny and Flash

It was a beautiful day today and I was considering taking our dogs to the dog park in Front Royal. Then I read that it was National Dog Day and that confirmed the idea; we were going to the park!

There are two large pens there and the "big dog" one had an occupant. He looked like he could use some company but since our dogs have not been to a real dog park before, we took them into the "small dog" area, which was vacant.

Later they were joined by a couple of beagles and everyone got along. Eventually an energetic young dog was brought in and Flash did not appreciate him bouncing up to him and air-snapped at him. This seemed like a good time to leave.  But on the whole, I was pleased that the boys behaved well, especially Ben.

At Eastham Park, Along the South Fork
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August 25, 2014

Pony Mural in Chincoteague

On the side of a shop on Maddox Boulevard we see a delightful mural of the Chincoteague Ponies. That's the Assateague Lighthouse in the background.

Close-up Showing Artist's Signature
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Good, Random, and Fun: Beach!

I took dozens of photos on Assateague Island and I picked out some for the Good, Random, Fun blog hop. For the "good" category, I selected a mother and child image.

For "random," we have a random seagull. Gulls seemed pretty arbitrary in their travels on the crowded beach, landing wherever they please.

"Fun" is easy to find on the beach! The rest of these images are about people enjoying this lovely seashore.

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Random Moments at the Seashore

The beach at Assateague Island, Virginia is really nice. It does get busy but it's still quieter than most Atlantic beaches. There is no boardwalk or development there except for small portable buildings and a nearby visitor center. You're in a national park here and must cross a wildlife refuge and a causeway to reach the town of Chincoteague.

You can also reach the island from Maryland south of Ocean City. There is a tent camping area on the Maryland portion of the island.

August 23, 2014

Channel Cat in Sepia

Chincoteague, Virginia

Okay, in the title I'm playing with words. The term "channel cat" usually refers to a catfish, but here I'm referring to the cat's location beside the Chincoteague Channel.

He appeared to be stalking the seagulls. I wonder if he ever caught any!

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August 22, 2014

Chincoteague Channel at Dusk

On our first evening at Chincoteague, I was disappointed to find that the seafood restaurant that I remembered from previous trips had closed. Was it a victim of Hurricane Sandy? I wouldn't be surprised, since that part of town had suffered flooding.

While driving along Main Street looking for it, we stopped to take a few pictures of the sunset.

Chincoteague Island is a special place, quieter than some resort towns but offering plenty of outdoor activities. It's a barrier island off the coast of Virginia that's protected from the Atlantic Ocean by another barrier island, Assateague.

August 21, 2014

Ponies Behind a Fence

Next to the Days Inn on Chincoteague Island is a pen containing a couple of the famed Chincoteague Ponies. These ponies were born to wild horses on nearby Assateague Island and brought to Chincoteague to be tamed. Many are sold at auction to raise money for the fire department.

You may be thinking that they would prefer to run wild, but that creates a problem of overcrowding on Assateague and also threatens the other wildlife there. So on the Virginia portion of Assateague,  the fire department is allowed to round up a number of ponies from the herd.

I've posted pictures of Chincoteague Ponies and wild horses on Assateague previously.

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