August 25, 2014

Good, Random, and Fun: Beach!

I took dozens of photos on Assateague Island and I picked out some for the Good, Random, Fun blog hop. For the "good" category, I selected a mother and child image.

For "random," we have a random seagull. Gulls seemed pretty arbitrary in their travels on the crowded beach, landing wherever they please.

"Fun" is easy to find on the beach! The rest of these images are about people enjoying this lovely seashore.

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  1. What lovely lovely shots.

  2. Great summer snaps from the beach.

  3. Ahh, I would like to walk alone the shore feeling the sand between my toes and the water wash across my feet. That would be such a relaxing thing to do.

  4. It looks quite warm. I look at that gull, and I can't recall ever seeing one with such a dark head.

  5. Great choices for each category. It looks beautiful there.


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