January 31, 2022

Inside a Taqueria.

 Some time ago I showed you murals on the outside of Manolete’s Taqueria. Today I went inside and saw some of the paintings on the walls and doors.

Monday Murals / Mosaic Monday

P.S. See Luis's comment on who the characters are. 

January 30, 2022

West Side Baptist Church


This church began in 1964 as the Virginia Avenue Baptist Mission.  It is beautifully situated on a hill overlooking downtown Harrisonburg. 

Share Your Photos of Churches at Inspired Sunday.

January 29, 2022

Bird Post #999

 Yes, I have almost shared 1000 posts on birds. I can hardly believe it. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I made a brief visit to Seven Bends State Park after picking up groceries nearby. I was driving towards the Hollingsworth Road entrance and who should I see but Barney! He is the peacock who got up on my car one day at the park. He lives nearby and pretty much does what he pleases.

Saturday’s Critters/ The Bird Depot

And here's how the park looked. That's the Massanutten Range and you can hike into it from the park trails. (There are also trails on the other side in George Washington National Forest.)

Speaking of parks, there's a nice county park near Maurertown.  Even on a cold winter day, I see people walking their dogs there.

I have one more bird to show you. It isn't real but this may be as close as I get to a snowy owl!

January 28, 2022

Almost Monochromatic

This morning was cloudy amd snow was forecast for this afternoon. I dropped off a trunk full of cardboard at the recycling center, did some quick shopping, and made a swing through the state park to take a few pictures. The snow was a little late in arriving and did not accumulate very much.

Pink Roses

Friday Bliss / Garden Affair / Floral Friday

North Fork of the Shenandoah

Black and White / Weekend Reflections

January 27, 2022

Sunsets and Signs

Shenandoah County

Skywatch / Signs 2

"Let's Stay Home" sounds like a good idea. 

The bear knows how to get ready for winter.

The blue shed is at the transfer station. It is used by the person who tends the machinery that crushes trash, although sometimes he retreats to his truck.

January 25, 2022

January 24, 2022

Murals and a Ghost Sign

Harrisonburg, VA

This colorful lettering was painted on a brick wall. Although I appreciate the artistry of the graffiti styling, I would’ve liked to be able to view the ghost sign in its entirety. Of course, it is possible that the painter was covering up some other graffiti.

Fortunately, I could see that the sign advertised a  dry cleaning establishment and was able to find an old ad for it from the 1940's. 

Just around the corner from this parking lot is a small park and a mural that I have published here a few years ago. It's worth another look.

Monday Murals / Mosaic Monday

Those places are in the area between US 11 north and US 11 south. I almost turned the wrong way on one of them but another motorist honked and waved so I didn't find myself in trouble. 

Then I went to Kroger's and they had these stuffed critters, which Lynn informs me are a hugely popular fad right. now. 

They are snuggly looking, which is why I sent these pictures to her when she texted me while I was in the store. 

January 23, 2022

Harrisonburg Seventh Day Adventist Church

This church is on West Market Street (US 33), Harrisonburg. The parking lot is behind the church with an entrance on Dogwood Drive. 

Inspired Sunday


January 22, 2022

The Bird that Came In from the Cold

On Thursday afternoon, I stopped by the townhouse that I'm selling because I needed to shovel snow off the sidewalk so realtors can show the house on the weekend. It's a short sidewalk and I cleared it in under 15 minutes. Then I sat in the car eating lunch. Wait, is that a bird inside the house? Yes, a starling was looking out the window! I grabbed my keys and went inside.

It took a couple of tries but I did shoo the bird out the door. In the first picture it is sitting on the kitchen window, where it flew after I went in the front door. I opened the back door but instead of flying outside, it flew back to the living room and landed on the storm door. I opened that door and out it went!

It sat on the stoop, probably recovering from the shock of a giant chasing it around. I locked the back door and walked through the house cleaning up white spots that it had deposited here and there. Then I went out the front door. 

The starling was still on the stoop. It hopped up on the door when I passed it and was still there when I left. Perhaps it was wondering how the temperature dropped so drastically.

I'd Rather Be Birdin' / Saturday Critters

I had a Zoom meeting to attend and as soon as it was over, I went back to check on the townhouse. The bird was gone. I went in to try to look for ways it might have gotten in but didn't find any obvious openings. I checked upstairs and everything was okay. Did someone let it in when looking at the house? That seemed unlikely because there were no footprints in the snow when I shoveled it. 

Another mystery is how a critter got in the attic of my residence one cold night. It kept me awake with scratching noises until the crack of dawn, when it found a way to escape. A few days later, I had the tree removed that was touching the house, and the worker looked for holes but did not find any. 

That critter did not sound like a bird; I assumed it was a squirrel. It has not been in the attic since then. 

Here are two squirrel photos from today. Charlie appreciates the sunflower seed during this cold spell He may as well fatten up because the next bag of seed is black thistle seed, which squirrels usually won't eat. 

January 21, 2022

Black and White and Red and More

Five Friday Photos

1. The gate is at Seven Bends State Park, Lupton Road entrance. The ridge in the distance is part of the Massanutten Range.

2. The fancy red poinsettias were in the waiting room of Woodstock Chiropractic.

2. Today, January 21st, is International Squirrel Appreciation Day. I put out some sunflower seed and a squirrel came to the celebration. 

4. Today's sunset was colorful and I caught its reflection in the windows at Stony Pointe in Strasburg. 

5. It's only fair to turn around and let you see the real thing.


January 20, 2022

Snow, Signs, Skies

We still have snow on the ground! Usually it melts pretty quickly in Virginia, and it did melt a little  today. 

These pictures are from Woodstock, Strasburg and Waterlick.