January 24, 2022

Murals and a Ghost Sign

Harrisonburg, VA

This colorful lettering was painted on a brick wall. Although I appreciate the artistry of the graffiti styling, I would’ve liked to be able to view the ghost sign in its entirety. Of course, it is possible that the painter was covering up some other graffiti.

Fortunately, I could see that the sign advertised a  dry cleaning establishment and was able to find an old ad for it from the 1940's. 

Just around the corner from this parking lot is a small park and a mural that I have published here a few years ago. It's worth another look.

Monday Murals / Mosaic Monday

Those places are in the area between US 11 north and US 11 south. I almost turned the wrong way on one of them but another motorist honked and waved so I didn't find myself in trouble. 

Then I went to Kroger's and they had these stuffed critters, which Lynn informs me are a hugely popular fad right. now. 

They are snuggly looking, which is why I sent these pictures to her when she texted me while I was in the store. 


  1. I like the ghost signs and the second mural. The stuffed critters are cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. You wonder how these toys become fads.

  3. I am torn between the colorful new graphic and the ghost sign

  4. No idea what the new graphic word is, and glad to know what the ghost sign said. The new mural looks like it was just thrown at the wall, so I hope there will be something more coming.

  5. I prefer the ghost sign to the graphic now accompanying it.

  6. The colourful lettering is pretty, but I can't figure out what it says. Glad you found an old advert for the old dry-cleaner. Can't see the appeal of those creatures, but maybe kids can :) thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  7. There is sometimes a fine line between artistic graffiti and vandalism. I am not sure I can always distinguish it. I do love to find ghost signs however and so anything that covers one up would definitely fall in the vandalism category for me no matter how well done it was. I know others would disagree.

  8. Linda - the term "ghost sign" is new to me, but I think I figured out its meaning!!! The "graffiti" looks like it was painted on a board and then the board was hung on the wall - it just looks too uniform to be painted on brick. What do you think?

    I have seen a big pile of those fuzzy toys at a Hobby Lobby, but I didn't realize they were all the rage! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. I wish I could read graffiti, but it is like reading Russian or Chinese to me. Nice you found the old ad. Enjoyed seeing the other mural, because it was a first look for me.

    And those plushie toys are so cuddly.


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