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In spite of what you may have read, most bloggers do not make much money from blogging. This blog is not a financially profitable endeavor. It is primarily a means of self-expression and sharing. However, I'm happy to profit should the opportunity arise. This page discloses the most likely ways this could occur.
Real Estate  |  Amazon Affiliate  |  Photo Sales

Real Estate

Some of my posts occasionally refer to homes or other property for sale or rent. I was once a licensed real estate agent in Prince William County, Virginia, and while I no longer act in that capacity,  I still have a curiosity about real estate. For many years, my spouse was a licensed real estate broker in Virginia.

We still own some properties that we may rent or put up for sale.

Amazon Affiliate

I am a member of Amazon Associates, which means that links on my webpages to Amazon.com can generate income for me. Actually, it's more like a coupon than income. Here's how it works: If you buy a book or other item on Amazon after following a link from my site, I earn a small credit. Eventually (usually after quite a few months), my credits add up to ten dollars or more and Amazon sends me a gift-card code which I can use to buy a book or CD other item.

And thank you for your support!

Photo Sales

My photographs are covered by copyright. I have no objection to someone saving one of them for personal use. However, you need to obtain permission if you want to publish one or more of them, even on your personal web page.

Larger versions of my pictures are generally available. I save a 500 K version for printing before shrinking an image for posting on the web. To purchase a larger version, please contact me and give the name of the picture and the subject of the post where you saw it.