June 18, 2018

Mid-June Random-osity

The Good: I spotted this colorful mural in Harrisonburg. It's on the rear wall of Our Community Place, which provides services and work opportunities to persons in need.

Monday Murals
The Random: The Appalachian Trail passes through Pinnacles Picnic Area on Skyline Drive. I asked a pair of lean and tan hikers how far they were walking. "To Maine."

Not surprising. I've run into through-hikers before. They follow the trail from Georgia to Maine, if they make it that far. It's too strenuous for the average person since it's mostly up and down mountains and runs around 2,200 miles.
See my 2011 post: Buck at Pinnacles.
The Fun: Hiking the trail is fun for the fit and hardy, but the rest of us can still enjoy the mountains. The easy way is to drive along Skyline Drive and stop at the overlooks. There are some beautiful views!

Mosaic Monday.

June 17, 2018

Today in Rural Page County

It was a beautiful day. Allison took her dad to lunch at Jalisco's (his choice) for Fathers Day and I went for a ride.

The church is Compton Old Country Church of Jesus Christ on Route 340 in Rileyville, Virginia.

Next to the Church.
Farm Scenes

The Barn Collective.

June 16, 2018

Green Scenes from a New Trail Cam

I got a new trail cam from Amazon.  I didn't get the angle right at first but this gives you an idea of what it captured. The heron is a lawn ornament. Can you see Flash on the upper right?'

I cropped a few images so you can see the "critters" that it captured. The quality is not perfect but it's an improvement over my old trail cam.

I wasn't expecting to see wild critters on my front walkway, but here are some small ones: a chipmunk,  a rabbit, a cat, a cardinal, and another bird. There were multiple images of us, a few delivery people, and some with nothing of note.

Sharing with Saturday's Critters and I'd Rather B Birdin'.

June 15, 2018

Scenes Near Woodstock

Willy Nilly Friday

1. Yesterday I took Flash for a little ride through the country after I took him to the vet. He's doing better, by the way, but he was due for a distemper shot.
Black and White Weekend and Skywatch Friday.
2. The installation below is in front of the Massanutten Military Academy. It's harder to make out than the other "LOVE" letters that I've seen. The "L" is Woodstock's symbol, a soldier in the Swiss Guard.  The "O" is a hot air balloon, "V" seems simple enough, and I think the "E" looks like Woodstock Tower.
Signs, Signs
(See more LOVE signs in this post, and this one, this in Rappahannock County, and one in Harrisonburg. After all, "Virginia is for Lovers.")

3. East of Woodstock, Hollingsworth Road crosses the North Fork of the Shenandoah on a low-water bridge.

4. This fence near the bridge shows how high the water came up when the river flooded recently. Note the debris on the fence. That stuff (mostly leaves and grass) was floating in the waters. The bridge was closed for several days.

5. At the end of Hollingsworth Road is this orange farm gate. The farm is now owned by Virginia State Parks and will become part of Seven Bends State Park as it is developed. 

I hope you get to see some pretty scenery this weekend! 

June 14, 2018

Cow and Battlefield

These pictures are from the same general location as yesterday's post from Redbud Road. There's a very nice park there just north of Winchester. Extensive walking trails cross a portion of the Civil War battlefield. Even if you know nothing about the third battle of Winchester (also called the Battle of Opequon, after the river), the park offers pleasant walks and bird watching.

In case you are wondering, the battle took place in 1864, involved cavalry charges, and was a significant Union victory.

See posts about "Third Winchester."

See Gosia's Fence linkup.

June 11, 2018

A Mural, a Bike, and a Photo Collage

The Good: This sweet mural graces a building behind Grace Episcopal Church in The Plains, VA.

The Random: Instead of explaining the second photo, I'm going to share an unrelated tip from the Admin of City Daily Photo: For those using Blogger,  there is currently a problem with e-mailed comments. If you haven't received comments by mail in the past week and a bit - that is why! Apparently a fix is on the way, but it may pay to check "Comments" on your Blogger admin panel from time to time.

In my experience, it's best to not rely on email for reading comments anyway. Some email domains are blocked, including AOL. 

The Fun: I enjoy living history events. The costumes and activities are fun to see. These are from the Ice Mountain Festival last month. 

Created using Photo Collage for Mosaic Monday

June 10, 2018

Storefront Church (Iglesia)

Winchester, Virginia
Pentecostal Church ~ God is Love.