February 19, 2019

A Stop in Stanardsville

Last week I showed you the chimney-style memorial in Criglersville, Virginia. On the day I took those pictures, I decided to continue south a little way to Stanardsville where there was another memorial.

It's been years since I've been in downtown Stanardsville because there is a bypass for Route 33. The town is actually cute and has barn quilts on many buildings.

I located the Blue Ridge Heritage Memorial near the Greene County Administration Building. It is built in the same style as the other memorials honoring the people who had to leave their homes when Shenandoah National Park was built.

On a plaque are surnames of families who owned mountain land but had to leave. The state of Virginia paid them for their property and helped them relocate.

Here are a few of the names: Adams, Armentrout, Baugher, Breedon, Burke, Collier, Comer, Conley, Davis, Dean, Delaney, Frazier, Funkhouser, Haney, Hensley, Hinkle, Jarrell, Marshall, McDaniel, Reynolds, Samuels, Shaver, Shifflett, Taylor, White.

There are books on the history of the park that provide stories about these residents, and there is also an exhibit at Big Meadows Visitor Center along Skyline Drive.

Nightfall at Sheetz

Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday.

February 18, 2019

Presidents Day Random-osity

The Good: For Presidents Day, I took a picture of a statue of George Washington. This is young George, working as a surveyor. Washington surveyed much of Virginia north of the Rappahannock River and across the Blue Ridge.  A plaque states that "In March of 1748, George Washington, at age sixteen, arrived in Winchester, then called Frederick Town. During the next four years, he worked as a surveyor throughout the colonial Virginia frontier."

This statue is next to Washington's Office in Winchester.

The Random: A fast food restaurant near Boyce was recently remodeled. On the wall is a mural of the Burwell-Morgan Mill in nearby Millwood.

I've visited the mill a number of times.

The Fun: Squirrels are always stealing bird seed. I spotted this one in the supermarket and moved him just a little bit to reveal his mischievous nature. (I put him back after I took the picture.)

February 17, 2019

Church, Barns, Fences, Shadows

Near Stephens City, Virginia.
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 This is Friendship Chapel and it dates to about 1830.  It sits on the corner of Double Church Road and Grim Road, not far from another charming church

This is in a rural area that appears threatened by spreading housing developments, but for now there are still some country homes and farms.

February 16, 2019

Geese and More, Here and Blandy.

The geese and ducks are acting aggressive at times. They know that spring is coming and they are interested in breeding. There's splashing and honking and chasing!

It's not often that a train passes our lake during the day. Usually we hear one going to and from Strasburg's factories around 1 and 2 in the morning. When I heard one blowing the whistle during the day, I got my camera ready at the window and zoomed in.

 The Bird D'Pot and Saturday's Critters.
I heard there are bald eagles at Blandy and when I go that way, I keep an eye out for them. I drove around the loop road there on Thursday but did not see any eagles. I did spot some deer and cows in the fading light.

Blandy Experimental Farm is both an arboretum and an agricultural research farm.

February 15, 2019

Strasburg Scenes and Valentine Flowers

1. Rainy days aren't the best time for taking pictures, but rainy nights can produce interesting reflections. Here I pulled off onto Founders Way to capture some lights, including the distant three crosses on a hill. 
Black and White Weekend and Skywatch Friday.
2. On Tuesday I pulled into Strasburg Town Park and saw an unexpected waterfall. Normally it is not there, but heavy rains had formed a cascade on the mountainside where it comes down to the North Fork of the Shenandoah.

(I apologize for this not being sharp but it's a cell phone image taken in the rain.)

3. The next image is also from Strasburg Town Park, but on a sunny day. I saw a crow who seemed willing to pose in front of a fence.

4. Frank gave me flowers for Valentine Day. Here they're under a hanging lamp in the kitchen. I added the sparkles with a cell phone app as I uploaded the picture.

Floral Friday and Floral Bliss.
5. The same flower arrangement combined into a collage.

Mosaic Monday.

February 14, 2019

Love is...

Wishing you a nice Valentine’s Day!

Little Things Thursday

February 12, 2019

Heritage Memorial in Criglersville

Tuesday Treasures.
I went looking for the Blue Ridge Heritage Memorial in Madison County. It is next to the old elementary school in the small town of Criglersville.
On behalf of these Madison counties families displaced to form Shenandoah National Park, this memorial is dedicated in the year of our Lord, 2015:
Adams, Aleshire, Alger, Anderson... 
and other family names follow,  including some that I recognize as local place names: Corbin, Crigler, Graves, Greene, Nethers, Nicholson, Rose, Stanley.

The Blue Ridge Heritage Project is erecting these simple but elegant stone chimneys in each county that had families had to give up their homes when the park was formed.

Previously I posted pictures of the Blue Ridge Heritage Memorials in Front Royal, Elkton, and Sperryville.

A short walk from the monument is a historical marker for the Blue Ridge Turnpike.

The Blue Ridge Turnpike, completed in 1853, passed near here on its 56-mile route from the vicinity of New Market to the railhead in Gordonsville. Crossing the mountains at Fishers Gap, the road linked the Shenandoah Valley to markets in the east. The Blue Ridge Turnpike Company financed the $176,000 project by selling shares of stock to individuals and to the Commonwealth of Virginia. After the road sustained heavy damage during the Civil War, the company abandoned it. Counties along the route took over maintenance about 1870. Traces of the original alignment exist along State Routes 231 and 670 and within Shenandoah National Park.

Hearts and Coffee

In Toms Brook, Virginia.

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February 11, 2019

Artful Random-osity

The Good: We finally visited Middle Street Gallery's in their new location. It's through the door that's to the left of the antique shop, but it's not as small as it looks. There's a light-filled addition on the back with a garden view. This is near The Inn at Little Washington. 

Random: If you've joined an online group, you may have observed the tendency that some members have to bicker and argue. I made up this sign to show what I've witnessed.

The Fun: Going to a restaurant with friends can be fun, and a pizza place in Front Royal had a nice surprise: a long mural in the back room.

(I don't eat pizza myself due to food allergies so I had a salad.)
Monday Murals.