October 14, 2021

Four More Pictures from Burke Lake

Skywatch / Thankful Thursday / Reflections

Yesterday I posted some photos of Burke Lake Park. It was a cloudy day and I wasn't expecting the light to be great for photos. Thankfully, the clouds parted just enough to produce silvery water and clear reflections. 

Here are some more pictures of the lake.  I hope you enjoy them.

October 13, 2021

Today at Burke Lake

An appointment took me to Burke today. After seeing the allergist, I drove to nearby Burke Lake Park and walked around taking cell phone pictures.

Wild Bird Wednesday

There were Canada Geese, which is not surprising since they seem to be at every lake around here. I saw a single gull on a pier. 

One thing I've learned from the internet is that serious birders do not call them sea gulls. Just say gull or use their full name such as herring gull. I think I'll call this one Ralph. We'll see him again from a different viewpoint. 

I noticed one tree that had changed color. 

I was able to get a little closer to Ralph from the edge of the shore. He did not look concerned about my presence.

Later I spied a heron, but he did not let me get close at all. He flew a little farther out in the lake as I approached. I regretted leaving my real camera in the car because my iPhone does not zoom very much. Can you see him in the water? He's in the center of the picture.

October 12, 2021

A New Marker in Fishers Hill

Fishers Hill is a very small town so I would not expect any historical markers except for ones about the Civil War battle that took place near here in 1864.

Creative Women of Fishers Hill.
Three women who achieved national prominence for their creative endeavors, but were later largely forgotten, lived near Fishers Hill during the 1880's. Landscape artist Bertha Von Hillern (ca. 1857-1939), once renowned as a competitive endurance walker, shared a studio 1.5 miles northwest of here with painter Maria J. C. a’ Becket (1839-1904). The women, influenced by the French Barbizon Movement, drew inspiration from the rugged forests of this area, exhibited their works at elite galleries and World’s Fairs, and mentored one another. Emma Howard Wight (ca. 1863-1935) arrived here late in the 1880s and became a prolific author of novels, short stories, plays, radio dramas, and photoplays.

This marker was dedicated a week ago. It is along Battlefield Road next to the mill pond.

A Balloon Mural in Merrifield

 Image-in-ing / Colourful World

October 11, 2021

The Name Shenandoah

Shenandoah is the name used for our valley and the river. There are other versions of the spelling, notably Senedo and Sherando. The name comes from a Native American word whose origin is not known, although most theories are that it refers to the river, such as "River through the Spruces," "Silver River," and "Daughter of the Stars."  

There are two forks of the Shenandoah that come together at Front Royal. This picture shows the North Fork near Woodstock, Virginia.

This afternoon I stopped by Seven Bends State Park. The play space is taking shape and a small garden is next to it. 
Mosaic Monday 


Blessed Sacrament in Harrisonburg

Inspired Sunday: I did not have any current church photos for the "InSpired Sunday" linkup so I had to look back through my unused picture files. I found photos of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Harrisonburg.  


October 10, 2021

Water Over the Dam

The art show in Millwood is in full swing. We went on Friday and it wasn't crowded.

After viewing the artwork, we walked around outside. There was plenty of water pouring over the dam.

This is in Clarke County and well worth a visit.

October 9, 2021

Chewers of Cud

Goats are appealing until they try to eat your clothing... or your pocketbook or your camera!

I compiled some pictures of ruminants for this post. The giraffe image shows a glass mosaic. The goats, cow, and sheep are on local farms. The deer was standing along Skyline Drive.

October 8, 2021

Purple October Blooms

Blog Post #7700

Friday Bliss / Floral Friday

Early October, Sky Meadows


Sky Meadows State Park is in Paris, Virginia. From Interstate 66, take the Delaplane exit and follow Route 17. 

October 7, 2021

Today I Got the Third Dose...

Of the Pfizer Vaccine.

The drugstore where Frank got his Covid booster last week was crowded at the time and he had to wait half an hour even though he had an appointment. I decided to get my appointment at a small pharmacy which is smaller and not crowded. It worked out well with no waiting beforehand. After administering the injection, the pharmacist handed me a timer set for 15 minutes and I sat in a chair and waited until the buzzer sounded. I felt fine, although hours later I got a headache, but that's okay. It's temporary.

Frank wanted a cheeseburger so we got him a "Happy Meal" nearby and drove to the Visitor Center on the next block, which has a parking lot overlooking a small park. I took a few pictures while he ate his lunch.

Garden Affair

There were some flowers outside and a large painted butterfly. Inside there are travel brochures, gifts, and souvenirs. The hostess said they are selling tickets for the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup festival scheduled for November 6. This event has been very popular in the past. 

October 6, 2021

Hawk and Owl

Wild Bird Wednesday.

I don't have any new pictures of wild birds today so I'm sharing some bird photos from a few years ago. These raptors are in benign captivity, having been rescued and treated and now serving as animal ambassadors, making educational appearances to the public. 

The red-tailed hawk and barn owl were shown by staff members of a non-profit called Secret Garden Birds and Bees


Respect, Grief, Caring.

Tonight we went to a candlelight vigil/remembrance ceremony for the boy who lived across the street. Logan was killed in a crash on Monday and the event was held at the high school from which he graduated in June.

His sudden death was a shock. He did some yard work for us just last week. I feel anguish for his parents and his brothers. 

Logan was a star football player in high school. Many students attended the program along with adults who knew him or his family. I would not be surprised if a thousand people were there. 

Sometimes terrible things happen. I am not going to preach. But stay safe.