October 16, 2017

Three Photos from a Short Trip

Good: This statue of Jackson the elephant surprises tourists passing through Somerset, Pennsylvania. It represents the International Conservation Center for elephants, a program of the Pittsburgh Zoo. 

The Random: This is a pleasant scene in our hostess's home in Western Pennsylvania.

The Fun: The third picture shows what happens when adult siblings get together.
Bill and Frank W.

October 15, 2017

Village Church, Relocated

When I did not see a sign on this church, I wondered about it's story. Often I take a picture of both the church and the sign so that I can identify it for the InSpired Sunday blog hop. Fortunately I found it on the internet.

This was a Methodist Church in Pleasant Valley, Maryland. Built in 1903, it was used for 90 years but then fell into disrepair. It was rescued and moved to Grantsville to be part of a recreated town that serves as a heritage museum and arts center.

October 14, 2017

October 13, 2017

A Pennsylvania Porch

1. We drove to Pennsylvania on Monday to visit Frank's brother and his wife, who happens to share my first name. Yes, it gets confusing!
Frank, Linda, Bill
2. The porch is a delightful place to sit on a nice day.
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3. The cat was telling me something but I don't understand the language.

4. As you can see by the leaves in the reflection, autumn is near.
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5. The final image just shows a bit of country decor.

October 12, 2017

Cookout at Heidi's

We made a quick trip to Pennsylvania to see Frank's brother and his wife. We drove up there on Monday and returned yesterday. Bill's younger daughter Heidi invited us over for a cookout. She and her husband Alan live in the countryside not far from where Bill lives.

Heidi has two aging horses and a large friendly dog. Alan built the stable.

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Although Alan and Heidi both have jobs, they spend a lot of time with their animals and other interests. Alan is a mechanic and enjoys restoring various old vehicles. 

October 10, 2017

Lost City Random-osity

The Good: Lost City is in a pretty and fertile valley in West Virginia. Originally known as Cover,  it's named for nearby Lost River.

The Random: Here's the little post office. The town has had a post office since 1892.

The Fun: There's an arts and crafts center with a sense of humor.

Bonus Photo:
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October 8, 2017

St. Bridget's Chapel

I came upon this charming church accidentally, while seeking a place to turn the car around so that Frank could have an ice cream cone. We were driving into Berryville and he spotted an ice cream stand and wanted to go back. I looked for a public driveway or parking lot and there it was!

Although the style is classic and charming, St. Bridget's Chapel is fairly new. It was dedicated in 2002.

October 7, 2017

Farm Fun Days at Orrs Farm Market

Recently we went to a festival just over the West Virginia line, north of Winchester. We hadn't been to Orrs Farm before, although they have events there fairly often. The address is Martinsburg but we used the Tabler Station Road exit on I-81.

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