August 20, 2018

Sperryville Random-osity

The Good: The Thornton River runs through the small town of Sperryville, Virginia. Not much bigger than a pretty creek at this point, the river help carve a pass through the Blue Ridge called Thornton Gap, known as one of the access points to Skyline Drive.

The Random: This is on the side of The Happy Camper store. There has been a controversy over whether it is an unapproved sign (and thus not allowed under town rules) or a mural. 

Monday Murals and Signs, Signs.
 The Fun: On the front of the store is a big H for Happy (I assume) and next to the door is the sign for "Open" or "Nope." I looked more closely and discovered that the sign has a little secret.

The "N" comes off and sticks magnetically. So when a manager opens the store, he moves the "N" to the right of the letters "OPE," forming the word Open.

August 19, 2018

Welltown UMC.

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Welltown United Methodist Church is in Clear Brook, Virginia, a rural community near Winchester.

This farm is near the church.

August 18, 2018

A Bear and Some Flying Critters.

For today's Camera Critters blog hop, I'm happy to say that I managed to take a picture of a small bear crossing Skyline Drive. Yes, I've gotten photos of bears up there before, but I've missed many more. Bears move quickly and often they disappear into the woods before I get the car stopped or the camera turned on. I must say we see more bears now than we did ten years ago. Last month Frank say one crossing our back yard!

Also seen along Skyline Drive was this bright butterfly. He was moving pretty fast also, but he did stop and light on the weeds now and then.

The wren in the next picture was in our yard.  Below that is another bird that was perched over a store entrance.

The rainbow appeared today as a brief storm moved away. We were doing some shopping after attending a talk and having lunch in New Market.

There weren't any critters in the rainbow picture, as far as I could tell. It did remind me of Flash, since he "crossed the rainbow bridge" on Monday and I miss him.

August 17, 2018

Is Summer Almost Over Already?

Yes, but today we celebrate Willy Nilly Friday.

1. The sun was hot today, the air was humid. Then a breeze picked up and dark clouds blew in. Uh-oh, a hard rains gonna fall! It did, but it didn't last long. I took this cell phone picture in a parking lot just as the clouds in the west started to pull apart, letting patches of sunlight break through. 

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2. I just read something surprising about carrots: they contain cannabinoids. So do cloves, black pepper, echinacea, broccoli, ginseng, and (of course) hemp. Don't worry, carrots won't make you high, but they might make you healthier.

Orange You Glad It's Friday?
3. Gabriel Arthur was an English colonist who explored the colonial frontier in 1673, reaching the Little Tennessee River. Here we see him portrayed by history enthusiast Doug Wood.

Arthur came to Virginia as an indentured servant. When he was only 19, his employer Major General Abraham Wood sent him and a small team to explore Indian-occupied areas west of the Blue Ridge. His remarkable year of adventures was written down by his employer after he returned.

4. The pretty landscaping is at Eastham Park in Front Royal, overlooking the South Fork.

Floral Friday.
5. This highly-altered peony is an old image I made around 1998. I used Adobe Photo Deluxe, the predecessor to Adobe Elements.

August 16, 2018

The View from Hollingsworth Road

East of Woodstock, VA.
North Fork of the Shenandoah.
Muse Vineyards.
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August 14, 2018

Farewell to Flash.

Yesterday I wasn't ready to write a post about it, although I alluded to our loss with an image of Flash joining Benny over the "rainbow bridge." Sweet Flash was ill for a while and we took him to the vet yesterday knowing that there was probably nothing else they could do for him. He would barely eat and was having trouble with steps, and often he did not want to even get out of bed. Dr. Vick showed me how he reacted whenever she touched his hips, snapping his head around to look at what she was doing. This was his way of showing the touch was alarming him because something hurt.

He was not a fellow who complained about pain, although his behavior had changed and he was clearly uncomfortable at times.

The top picture is from a year ago. He was still doing pretty well then, although he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure months before that. He was on multiple pills for it.

The second picture was taken automatically with a Moultrie trail cam that I have aimed on our front walk. It is the last picture taken of him.

The collage is made up with other cropped photos from the trail cam, all taken this summer.

We miss dear Flash. 

August 12, 2018

Methodist Church in Upperville, VA.

Upperville UMC Church is said to date to 1832, although it was damaged during the Civil War and rebuilt afterward. Like many buildings, it was used as a hospital during the war.

There is a cemetery on the grounds.
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August 11, 2018

A Brief Critter Update.

I'm experimenting with a new placement for a trail cam. So far it's only taken pictures of my husband mowing the lawn and a variety of images of geese.

In other local news, Flash has been acting very tired and his appetite is even worse than before. He is on a bunch of medications for congestive heart failure, which he has survived since being diagnosed in February 2017. I hope he's not in pain. He does not complain.  He's a good dog.