December 7, 2022

A View from the Dental Office

Birds in Juniper Tree

Yesterday I went to the dentist because I've had a swollen place on my gums for a while. Originally I was going last week but I canceled because I was exposed to Covid. Fortunately, I did not come down with it.

Some of the treatment rooms look out on an atrium and there are birdfeeders out there. While I was waiting for the dentist to come in and examine my x-rays, I tried to take pictures of birds with my cell phone. The birds disappeared when I stood close to the window so I had to step back and make the best of it. A colorful bluejay and male cardinal did not come back but I got a few pictures of other birds.

Dr. Zunka said I have an infection under tooth #19. He recommended an endodontist in Manassas fot a root canal. I was not happy to hear this but it will be a relief to get that taken care of.

December 6, 2022

December 5, 2022

A Brick Mason Mural

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone

Monday Murals / Mosaics / Blue Monday 

When I read that there was a new mural at this stone yard in Winchester, I made a note to go see it. The artist is Sarah Gallahan.

This place has an outdoor show room with samples of limestone walls, and lovely patios to inspire you to buy their products. 

December 4, 2022

Imaginary Churches

For years I participated in a Sunday linkup called InSpired Sunday. The challenge was to post a picture of a church on Sunday, along with some information about it. It was hosted by Beth and then eventually by Billy, who still publishes detailed photographic profiles of churches on a weekly basis. Participation dwindled over the years as blogging became less popular. I had almost run out of churches to share anyway.

Today I am showing some computer-created scenes in which I used the word church or cathedral, a season, and a famous artist’s name to see what freeimagegenerator would come up with. Some of the results were not worth saving but I like these three.

The first one is supposed to be in the style of Edward Hopper. I don’t think he ever painted anything like this, but it does have the simple straight facades that he favored.

The second one is the style of Klee and yes, I can see that influence.

My final masterpiece is on the style of Turner. I certainly see his style in the sky, although the church, if there is one, is hard to see.


December 3, 2022

Things That Scare Charlie

Hi, it's Charlie. I've been here almost three months and there are still some scary things that I don't like. One is riding in the car. There’s a lot of noise, and way too much movement. I don’t think it’s safe. Also, the car does not smell good, especially my doggy seat. Mom said when she first got it, she aired it out for me for a couple of weeks to get the chemical smell out, but it still smells worse than paint. She doesn’t smell it because her nose is not special like mine. Beagles are famous for having great noses.

I like going to the dog park and I guess the only way to get there is by riding in the car, which is  upsetting. We should move to the dog park. That would be fun.

I am still a little scared of tall men and sticks. I am getting used to Mr. Frank but I saw him at the state park and he was walking with a stick. It took me a minute to realize it was just him.

I am also afraid of staying alone. We are working on it and yesterday I stayed by myself while mom drove down the street for something. She said it was only 15 minutes but it seemed like it was going to be a long time and I was glad she came back. She said she was proud of me for being good.

Did I tell you that I lived in a cage for a whole year? I hate cages! I won't even go in my crate. Marie put some meatloaf in there last week but I did not fall for it. It can rot in there before they trap me like that.

Did you know that there are animals living in cages? I would like to free them all but my mom won’t even go and get me one. She said one pet is all she can handle. 

Saturday Critters / Caturday  

December 2, 2022


This came to Woodstock.

LL Bean's Bootmobile visited with a pop-up shop of mostly outerwear. I did not shop there because I have enough clothing plus I was on my way to the dog park with Charlie.

Years ago I bought cotton pants from their catalog but then they changed the material to a lighter polyester blend so I switched to Lands End.


December 1, 2022


The word luxury been used so loosely but it has lost some of its meaning. For instance, a luxury apartment may simply turn out to be an ordinary unit that has a microwave. To me, it means having more than you need to be comfortable. Luxury is the December theme for City Daily Photo.

Charlie has gone from an uncomfortable life in a spartan breeding facility to being a pampered pet with more toys than he needs.

As for me, I have the luxury of living in a beautiful area.


November 30, 2022

A Couple of Northern Cardinals

The male cardinal stands out in his red plumage. The female is more subtle in her colors, but is still a lovely bird. 

They seem to thrive in towns and suburbs, and are not very shy of humans.

November 29, 2022

Haybale Santa and Missus

Shenandoah County Fairgrounds Entrance

November 28, 2022

Mural at Vibrissa Brewpub

Winchester, VA

After I saw this mural mentioned online, I stopped by to take pictures. It is at 10 North Kent St. which was formerly a newspaper office.
Mosaic Monday / Murals