April 15, 2019

Barn Turned into Visitors Center

Middletown, Virginia

The bank barn at Belle Grove has been beautifully remodeled and turned into a visitors center with a gift shop, meeting room, exhibits, and a large room for events upstairs.

I went to their grand opening on Saturday and was amazed at how the lower level had been transformed. I saw it a couple years ago when it had a dirt floor with hay and old boards strewn about.

Tickets for the manor house tour will now be sold in the new gift shop. The counter is decorated with a mural featuring chickens.

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April 14, 2019

Children of Abraham

I saw this sign for an event at a local religious center. They have had a couple of previous events to bring in folks from the local community and foster understanding.

This time they seem to be emphasizing the commonalities of the most well-known Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

From Wikipedia:
True Abrahamic religions are monotheistic. They also all believe that people should pray to and worship God often. Of monotheistic religions, the Abrahamic religions have the world's largest number of followers. They are also all ethical monotheistic religions meaning they have a certain set of rules that they have to follow.

April 13, 2019

Furry Friends and Grackles

The handsome dog is one that I don't know. I snapped a picture of him because I liked how he looks.

The grackles visit my yard and eat more than their share of bird seed. I wish they weren't so greedy! They scare off the smaller birds. It won't be an issue much longer because it's time to stop feeding the birds until winter. Bears live in our area and will smell bird seed and come destroy the feeders. As much as I admire bears, I don't want them near my house.

The deer lives in Shenandoah National Park. I often see deer there, especially late in the day.

The horse lives in Clarke County. 

April 12, 2019

April at Shenandoah University

 Weekend Reflections on Willy Nilly Friday.
Last Saturday I went to Winchester for a seminar at Shenandoah University. It turned out to be a pretty day and the center of the campus looked enchanting.

It's beautifully landscaped with a creek and pond surrounded by trees in bloom.

Black and White Weekend.

The seminar was a Civil War conference called "A House Divided," organized by Professor Jonathan Noyalas. In the picture is showing a picture of Elder John Kline, a Virginian who opposed the war. Here are words written by Kline before Virginia seceded.

"The year opens with dark and lowering clouds in our national horizon. I feel a deep interest in the peace and prosperity of our country; but in my view both are sorely threatened now. Secession is the cry further south; and I greatly fear its poisonous breath is being wafted northward towards Virginia on the wings of fanatical discontent."
Sadly, Kline was murdered during the war by Confederates who considered him a traitor.

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April 11, 2019

April Fences and Blossoms

Yesterday I ran an errand in Winchester and took a ride through a pretty area of estate-type homes. Early-flowering trees and bushes seemed to be everywhere.

Winchester is home to the annual Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. The area is known for its apple orchards.

April 10, 2019

Bluebells and Blackbirds

Yesterday I stopped in Eastham Park to eat my lunch and see if the Virginia Bluebells were blooming. They are!

Before I even reached the river trail, I spotted a red-winged blackbird on a fence post. The males are easy to identify by the red and yellow stripe on their wings. I've never really identified a female because I didn't know how different they appear.

This park is in Front Royal along the South Fork of the Shenandoah.

I've seen quite a few red-winged males this year, especially in my yard. They like to visit my bird feeders.

April 9, 2019

A Farm in Harmony Hollow

View from the 4-H Center near Front Royal, VA

This is near the Remount Depot on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Yesterday at Dusk

April 8, 2019

Today at the Surgi-Center.

We spent the day in Winchester but not doing a fun thing. Frank had his Achilles tendon repaired. The surgeon was the same one who did my foot surgery in 2016, Dr. Vincent.

It went well but it took a long time, especially including recovery time. I got tired of sitting in the stuffy waiting room and wandered around taking pictures. There are places were that's not allowed, of course, due to privacy concerns. So these scenes are in public areas, without people.
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Yesterday we made a stop in Millwood and I snapped a picture of Frank with a hiking stick. He had on a special boot protecting his wrapped-up foot.

He apparently injured the tendon years ago but did not realize it was serious until recently when the pain became excruciating after he stumbled on the steps. The tendon was barely attached by that time so surgery was needed.

Recovery will take a while. He cannot put any weight on that foot for at least six weeks! We've rented and borrowed a carload of equipment to make this possible, plus I had a few items from when I had surgery. There was a waiting list for wheelchairs at the medical supply store, but fortunately a local foundation had one we could borrow.

We did some practicing this week on doing things on one foot. Still, this is going to be hard on both of us, and highly frustrating for him because he is accustomed to be able to do almost everything for himself.