August 31, 2009

Frank at Redondo Beach

We had dinner at Kincaid's which is nice but a bit pricey. It's at one end of the pier and the atmosphere is pleasant.

The Redondo Beach Pier

Two Chandeliers

These chandeliers are in the Huntington Art Gallery. The above photo is sharp because the window provided plenty of light. Flash and tripods are not allowed so one of our shots of the another chandelier came out blurry. I liked the image anyway so I increased the saturation and cropped it. Now it looks like a holiday decoration.
You can see what the fixture really looks like in the post below this one.

August 30, 2009

A Fancy Dining Room

(Click the arrow to view.)

The Huntington Art Gallery is in the San Marino mansion that was the home of millionaire Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927) and his second wife, Arabella (1850–1924). In addition to displaying a renowned art collection, the building shows visitors a gilded-age luxury home, with some rooms (like this one) furnished as they would have been during the period 1911-1927.

Photography is allowed as long as you do not use flash or tripod. In fact, the mansion and gardens have been used in many films (see list).

Huntington's Chinese Garden

When we visited the Huntington Gardens last year, the Chinese Garden was not open to the public quite yet. Frank vowed to see it on our next trip to California.

These gardens are in San Marino, which is near Pasadena.

A Hot Day at Huntington Gardens

curving bridge
When we last visited Huntington Gardens, the month was February and the weather delightful. August is a different story, and the day turned out to be one of the year's hottest. As temperatures approached 100 degrees F., we cut short our visit a bit.

Squirrel with a Thin Tail

Seen in California
squirelI'm posting this picture for fans of squirrels, including ILĀRIJS from Latvia who has a blog featuring a toy squirrel, and who showed up as a follower of this blog.

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August 29, 2009

A Mostly-White Rose

Art Fair, Laguna Beach

We visited two of the arts and crafts venues at Laguna Beach. We had to pay for parking and admission, but many of the vendors had high quality exhibits, although nothing I really wanted to buy.

In the right-hand picture, a girl checks out some nice landscaping.

Linda and Frank in California

We had lunch at the Cottage Restaurant in the town of Laguna Beach and went to look at arts and crafts.

August 27, 2009

Somewhere Near Dulles

Northern Virginia

Pictures from an airplane look so hazy! I cut back the washed-out look a little bit in Photoshop using a method similar to the one I described in my fixing haze post, except that this time I used "Soft light" as the layer blending mode this time, pulling the slider back until the dark areas weren't too dark. Not perfect, but the actual view out the plane window looks like this anyway.

August 26, 2009

General Grant's Quarters at City Point

I'm trying to finish my Petersburg to Appomattox field trip photos. This shows Grant's modest quarters at City Point.

August 25, 2009

View from my Living Room Chair

Do you see the hummingbird?

August 24, 2009

No Longer There

At North Mountain Road and Senedo Road (Route 42)
I came across this picture from February 2008. This old building had suffered roof damage in a windstorm. The metal roof had been ripped part-way off. Since then the building has been torn down.

I was sad to see it go. It proudly stood on top of a hill between Macanie and Forestville. It was unoccupied but looked like it may have been a school at one time.

Caroline's Garden

Yesterday I drove over to Conicville where a member of the garden club was hosting an open house, or rather an open garden. Recent rains had left us with high humidity and plenty of blooms.

August 23, 2009

Fuchsia Blooms and Sky

This is the second year I've had a fuchsia in a hanging basket. Just realized I've been spelling it wrong (as fuschia); it's actually named after Leonhart Fuchs, a 16th century botanist and doctor.

Another View of Our Local Covered Bridge

Meems Bottom Covered Bridge is on Wissler Road just off Route 11, the Valley Pike. Some sources claim that it was burnt during the Civil War but others say that no, that was another bridge a little way downstream where the Valley Pike crossed the North Fork.

My mother was a fan of covered bridges and old mills, so that's one reason that I go out of my way to photograph them. Which reminds me that some years ago my photojournalism teacher remarked that I took a lot of pictures showing human interaction with the natural world. That became my homework assignment for a portfolio of slides.

August 22, 2009

Sounds of the North Fork

Click the start arrow to hear and see the North Fork of the Shenandoah River at Meems Bottom, named after the Meem Family and their bottomland (low-lying alluvial land near a river).

Gnarled Tree

Above: This gnarl looks like an animal's face.

Right: A different view of the tree which stands beside the North Fork of the Shenandoah at Meems Bottom Covered Bridge, Mt. Jackson, VA.

August 21, 2009

The Mill in Thomas House

I've seen restaurants inside mills (like one in Strasburg) -- here's a mill inside a restaurant.

Today we had lunch at the Thomas House Restaurant in Dayton (Virginia). They feature down-home cooking - the fried chicken is tasty!

In their lobby is a model of the Silver Lake Mill, which stands on another side of town.

August 20, 2009

Massanutten in the Distance

North End of the Massanutten Range

Seen from a Lake Near the North Fork

August 19, 2009

August 17, 2009

A Field Near Mount Jackson, VA

Beans growing at "Meems Bottom." That's the Massanutten Range in the distance.

August 16, 2009

Under Contract!

After eight days on the market, my investment house is under contract. It took a lot of work to get it ready to show though.

Here are some before and after photos. I did not shoot them at the same angles because I was recording the scenes for different purposes. The first time I was documenting the fact that the tenant did not leave the house in good condition, to say the least. The second time I was taking pictures for advertising the house on Postlets and other websites.

Living Room as we found it

Same LR window and wall

Hall closet door

Hall Closet is at the left

Door from kitchen to porch

Same Door is on the right

Middle BedroomSame Bedroom Now

August 15, 2009