March 31, 2017

Glen Burnie Gardens to Open April 1st!

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1. Mersad has challenged us to post gardens and it just so happens that the beautiful gardens at Glen Burnie open for the season tomorrow. If you are in Winchester, check them out and visit the MSV next door. Artist Alex Ross will be there at the exhibit of his comic book art and celebrity posters.

2. City Daily Photo's Theme for April 1st is "wet." I have some water shots from Glen Burnie but I can't decide whether to use this one or something different. Today it rained so I took some "wet" images so i'd like to use one of them. Hmm...
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3. I'm having technical problems with this post. Oh, well, here is a koi in the water garden.

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4. This robin has a good view of the water garden.

5. I have tons of Glen Burnie photos because it is one of Frank's favorite places. I made some into a photo collage to save space.

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March 30, 2017

Blog Post #5900

Years ago I read one of John Muir's books and I could really relate to it. He loved nature and found spiritual inspiration in the wilderness. I am passionate about the importance of the natural world. I know that many of my fellow photobloggers share this dedication.

Our current administration denies the importance of protecting the environment. Greed seems to have overtaken long-held American values. Of course this is upsetting to those of us who really love our country and our world! But we must not succumb to feeling hopeless, even though we see the signs of climate change already and we fear for the animals who will be wiped out.

But now it is up to us! Our national government may fail to rescue our planet, but we cannot give up on our state governments, organizations, individuals, other countries, and enlightened companies. Very likely the movement toward sustainable energy has already reached critical mass!

We must continue our efforts. Live responsibly, share your enthusiasm, educate! Keep the contact information for your congressmen and local politicians handy, and use it frequently. They must answer to us and we need to make ourselves heard!

Support organizations that are working to protect the environment! If you cannot send money, follow them on social media. They will publish ideas on how you can help. Some that I like are Environmental Defense, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club.

Of course we must also look after ourselves. Be prepared for storms; they are already more severe than they used to be. Take weather warnings seriously. Please be safe!

P.S. This is actually more than my 5,900th post. My stats say 5904 but my count since post #5800 tells me it is even higher. I started blogging in 2005 so we'll be looking at my 12th anniversary soon!

March 28, 2017

Old Massanutten School

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This small school stands in Luray, Virginia. It is next to the library on Zerkel Street and is directly behind the Visitor Center, which is in the train station.

A sign tells us the school's story.

This one-room school was originally located in the Massanutten section, west of Luray. Donated to the Page County Heritage Association by Thomas and Barbara Jenning, the c. 1880 building was moved to this site in 1974. Extensive renovation accomplished the present appearance of the school.

It is furnished with desks, a cast iron stove, and other items appropriate to a school of its time.

The building served as a school on its original site until the late 1930’s.

Next to the school is another marker and a stone block mounted on a concrete pad. The story here is a reminder of a dark part of our country's history.
Legend and narrative testimonies describe this stone as a slave auction block.

 From the Page News & Courier, August 31, 1961:

“This native sandstone block . . . which stood at the corner of Main and Court Streets at the Chamber of Commerce building . . . was used as a perch for slaves about to be sold at auction . . . The stone is said to be one of the few now in existence.”

 It is similar to many which existed in the South prior to the Civil War.

 As a part of everyday life, black men, women and children would be displayed and examined on slave blocks and sold for the highest bid. Family groups were frequently sold apart; husbands from wives, mothers from children, etc.

 This block is an historic symbol of a dark past of man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man. It is also a symbol of how far we have come in learning to respect its victims and in resolving to go forward into the future with mutual respect and understanding.

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March 27, 2017

Kernstown Random-osity

 The Good: There was a special event at Kernstown Battlefield Park in Winchester this weekend. It was a nice day and many folks were enjoying the living history. In the museum I found this mural depicting an 1862 illustration of the First Battle of Kernstown.
The Random: This fine Amish-built barn stands on the property.

The Fun: Dressing up in costumes is fun, and these re-enactors were having a good time.
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March 26, 2017

Lecture at St. Thomas Chapel

Middletown, Virginia

Yesterday I attended a lecture on religion and anti-slavery movements. The location was the historic St. Thomas Chapel in Middletown. The church was completed in 1837.

Historian Deborah Lee and Ranger Shannon Moeck
The Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Coming to the Table hosted the program with support from the National Park Service and the St. Thomas Chapel Trust.

I've posted pictures of this church previously.

March 25, 2017

Birds and Furry Visitors

How fortunate we are to see birds and animals in our own back yard. We have a view of a small lake, which is why we decided to buy this particular house.

These ducks are standing on the fountain that the community association installed to aerate the water. Right now it's not working but it will be soon, now that winter is over. A new motor for it is sitting inside our back door because my husband handled the replacement of it, and some volunteers will install it soon.
(Converted to Black and White because it was already almost colorless.)
We not only get to see a couple different species of ducks, we have a couple species of geese too.

This rabbit lives in our back yard. I saw him when I pulled in the driveway and he held very still, hoping I would not see him.

The furry creature that I see the most frequently is the squirrel. He and his family feel entitled to whatever I put out for the birds.

The bright red bird is a male cardinal and this sweet lady is the female cardinal. I love seeing them and they love sunflower seeds!

But I'm not buying any more sunflower seed this year. The bears will be roaming around soon and I don't want them tearing down my feeders.

March 24, 2017

Pics from the Car and Some Health Updates

1. It's Friday again and I have five random items to share, starting with a view from Dickey Ridge that I took from the car. 

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2.  I take quite a few pictures from the car because I still can't walk very far. It's been six months since my foot surgery so I am feeling impatient! The incision has healed and most of the swelling is gone but the ankle problems that apparently caused the injury seem to be worse. I go to physical therapy every week but results have been slow.

Fortunately I can walk short distances so I can do many normal tasks, but recreational walking is just too painful. Even shopping is limited. I lean on the cart and skip any aisles that aren't on my must-have list. Sorry for complaining but I used to love walking so this is frustrating.

3. Flash is so patient about posing! What a good boy!

I took him back to the veterinarian yesterday. I was concerned because he has been coughing in the morning, a sign that his lungs get congested during the night. He also had been wheezing at times. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a month ago so I'm watching him carefully. Early last week his vet said he was doing well and lowered his medication dose, but now we had to increase the Lasix a little, although it's still below the level of last month.

4.  On Monday I had an appointment in Charlottesville and Frank drove on the way home. (Usually I drive first and he takes the second shift when I'm tired or my ankle gets sore.) I took a few pictures from the passenger seat such as this one on I-81. What is a "Cookie Car?" I don't know.
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5. Here's one more picture that I took from inside the car. Can you figure out what it is?

March 23, 2017

Views from Sand Ridge

West of Toms Brook in Shenandoah County, VA

Thank you, horse, for looking at me!

The forsythia is blooming but it is faded from recent frosts. 

March 22, 2017

March 21, 2017

Good, Random and Fun in My World

The Good: Historic Abram's Delight is owned by the city of Winchester, Virginia. Built in 1754, it has been restored and is open to the public. I wrote about this building 6 years ago but Tom did not have a Tuesday Treasures linkup then (as far as I know) so here is a current photo.

The Random: I found some food that Flash likes! When he started taking multiple medications for heart disease,  he lost his appetite for kibble and didn't even like canned dog food. After trying various kinds, I remembered that when our cocker spaniel was sick he liked the refrigerated dog food that comes in rolls. Yes, Flash thinks it's wonderful, and I can even hide his pills inside pieces of it.

The Fun: This was in a shop window in Winchester.  I guess everybody likes a teddy bear!

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March 20, 2017

Goodbye to Winter

Today is the first day of spring! I don't dare to celebrate much because winter weather can still return. I thought I would share a few more winter landscapes, ones with a dusting of snow left. This was more than we have left today, which is almost none.

These are Shenandoah scenes. Click on an image to see a larger version.

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March 19, 2017

Front Royal Church of the Brethren

This church appears to have grown over time, with new entrances being added in an evolving style.