March 21, 2017

Good, Random and Fun in My World

The Good: Historic Abram's Delight is owned by the city of Winchester, Virginia. Built in 1754, it has been restored and is open to the public. I wrote about this building 6 years ago but Tom did not have a Tuesday Treasures linkup then (as far as I know) so here is a current photo.

The Random: I found some food that Flash likes! When he started taking multiple medications for heart disease,  he lost his appetite for kibble and didn't even like canned dog food. After trying various kinds, I remembered that when our cocker spaniel was sick he liked the refrigerated dog food that comes in rolls. Yes, Flash thinks it's wonderful, and I can even hide his pills inside pieces of it.

The Fun: This was in a shop window in Winchester.  I guess everybody likes a teddy bear!

Today's post uses Tamar's Random-osity format.
Also sharing with WW on Tuesday.


  1. Today you're showing us another stunning building, I so love the ones you choose, darling Linda, and I'm so glad to read that your beloved Flash has found a food he likes, poor darling !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week,
    sending blessings to you

    XOX Dany

  2. Your photo for Tom's linkup is awesome. I love when places like this are preserved. Thanks for the info on your former post.

  3. Love the color of that stone. Makes for a handsome looking building.

  4. That is interesting that you are feeding Grain free dog food, I am doing the same for the crazy poodle but when he got sick recently all the vets looked very disapprovingly at his feed! Hope he feels better soon.
    Wren x

  5. The historic Abram's Delight, is a true delight! I would be hard pressed to find a building built in 1754 in this area. Linda, thanks so much for sharing this treasure, please stop back again.

  6. i'm glad you found some food he likes and cute little picture of him! that is a funny picture with the teddy bear :)

  7. Abram's Delight reminds me of some old farmhouses here. That's not what you expect out of Lord Vader!

  8. I'm glad you found some food that Flash likes. I've never heard of that kind. The last shot made me smile.

  9. Great old building in Winchester and what a funny window with Darth Vader and a teddy!

  10. Glad to see Flash has got food that he approves of :) The restored house was beautifully done. Darth Vader with a teddy, who knew :)


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