September 30, 2015

Canada Geese in Motion

I enjoy watching the Canada Geese when they fly or land. I'm not very skilled at photographing them when they are flying, I'm afraid. They move more swiftly than I can focus, or perhaps they are faster than my shutter. It doesn't help that mist from the pond forms a haze.

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Crossing Lost River


September 29, 2015

Guard Dogs at Work


Frank told me last year that he'd like to have the chance to hold a baby lamb. Well, he got his chance on Sunday during the Rappahannock County Farm Tour.

Our very first stop was Over Jordan Farm, also known as Bean Hollow Grassfed. They had day-old lamb twins, and the farmer let us hold one. Isn't he cute?


The farm has three large dogs who keep the sheep safe from bears and coyotes. Although these predators sound fearsome, the farmer said that a bigger threat to the sheep are tiny parasites.

The farm is a demonstration farm for rotational grazing. The objective is to actually improve the soil while raising healthy animals. We've run into a similar practice a few years ago on a farm tour in Warren County.

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September 28, 2015

Wardensville Random-osity

The Good: For Heritage Weekend, the town of Wardensville put up signs telling the stories of various buildings. This made for an interesting walking tour. (You can click on the image to see it larger.)

The second building in this combined image is now an arts center. We enjoyed seeing the work of some very talented artists.

The Random: In the Star Mercantile, I found a couple of murals. The longer one has a cut-thru in the lower left, revealing a room behind it.  The other one is partially obscured by a display shelf.

The Fun: Frank found a friend in the mercantile!

September 27, 2015

The View from Baughman Settlement Road

This country road is off Old Route 55 between Wardensville and Baker, WV.

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Mt. Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church

One of the sites open for Heritage Days in Hardy County was this little church in Baughman Settlement near Baker. When we arrived there yesterday we were greeted by some friendly ladies who even asked us to pose for a picture! We were their only visitors at that moment, probably because the church is a bit isolated, over 3 miles down a winding (but scenic) country road.

Between the church and the cemetery is a monument to "Confederate Veterans in Mt. Moriah Lutheran Cemetery and Baughman Settlement."

(Click on Image for Larger Version)
The monument is inscribed on both sides. Many of the surnames are the same as those common on the other side of Great North Mountain in Virginia, reminding us that people often migrated across the mountains 100 and 200 years ago.

In addition to Baughman, last names include Barbe, Combs, Garrett, Heishman, Hulver, Landacre, Sherman, Sisler, Wilkins, and Wilmer.

The church building was dedicated in 1907. According to the Heritage Weekend Guide, the Lutheran Congregation was active in the settlement before 1833.
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September 26, 2015

Tiny Little Bird


I love seeing hummingbirds or just hearing their fast-moving wings buzz. So far the ones that visit my feeders are shy and rarely stick around long enough for me to take a picture. But I did get a couple of clear shots, finally!

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September 25, 2015

Orange Evening Sky


We saw these views from the Cracker Barrel in Winchester, Virginia. I was glad I had my camera because my cell phone does not do a good job of taking sunset pictures.

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Silvery Sunset Sky

Mountain view

September 24, 2015

September on Bucks Mill Road

Let's start this brief tour with a nice barn scene for the Good Fences linkup. Next we have a sign hanging from a chain in front of a fishing spot on the North Fork. This is for the Signs Signs meme

It's may be hard to read this on your screen so I'll transcribe the message minus the number. (We don't want that showing up for spambots.)
The county "had no money" to buy this. Thus it is PRIVATE PROPERTY... If you have permission, text (preferred) or call each time you come here. Pick up all trash. Owner not responsible for any accidents. 
Bucks Mill Road
Passage Creek seen from the Road

September 22, 2015

Grand Old Tree

large tree

Freight Train

We had to wait for a long train to cross at Rockland Road. This is near the Virginia Inland Port, where freight is transferred from trucks to trains and vice versa.

As we see here, large containers are often double-stacked. These containers often come all the way from China via ships that come into seaports like Newport News. From the train, they can be transferred to trucks, where they are set on wheels to become the "trailer" part of tractor trailers.

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