September 30, 2015

Canada Geese in Motion

I enjoy watching the Canada Geese when they fly or land. I'm not very skilled at photographing them when they are flying, I'm afraid. They move more swiftly than I can focus, or perhaps they are faster than my shutter. It doesn't help that mist from the pond forms a haze.

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  1. You have done something I have not been able to do and that is catch those darn geese in flight. Glad you did and glad you shared.

  2. That last one's my favourite. I photographed some of them a few days back... at this point the ones around here are just stopping over for a rest. The regulars here in the summer must already be gone.

  3. Not easy to get photographs ...
    I just love Canada Geese

    All the best Jan

  4. great action shots of the geese in flight!

  5. I like that last shot the best. I've been hearing the geese flying overhead a lot lately.

  6. Nice shots - always something to see when there are geese about.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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