October 1, 2015


The October theme on City Daily Photo is "Shelter." I couldn't think of something original so I decided to go back to basics.

In Tauxemont, Fairfax County, VA
This is the house where I grew up. It was built after World War II as part of a housing boom that took place in the suburbs surrounding Washington, DC. My parents had moved to Northern Virginia after my dad started working for the Veteran's Administration.

The house was a sturdy cinderblock structure with metal-framed windows. Originally it had three bedrooms but my parents had a contractor add a fourth bedroom with bath and a family room.

We had a half-acre lot featuring tall oak trees and flowering dogwoods. This was home.

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  1. Nice! The house I grew up in was built with cinderblock too.

  2. Oh how neat.... That is definitely SHELTER --and holds a lot of memories for you.... Neat!!!!!

  3. A personal shelter with happy memories , what could be better, I love this post Linda.

  4. I bet you have a lot of great memories attached to that house. Nice photo!


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