April 25, 2017

April 24, 2017

Random-osity by the River

The Good: A week ago we took a short walk by the North Fork in Strasburg. The path has distances marked, and since my foot is still healing I only walked to the 1/8 mile sign and back. That's only a quarter mile but my foot did not get sore so it's a starting point.

The Random: The Virginia bluebells were blooming. These wildflowers seem to really like growing next to rivers.

By the way, five days later I walked at least three times that distance when we visited the gardens of Glen Burnie and my feet did get sore. The problem is partly that I can't find shoes that are both comfortable over the incision area and supportive enough for my weak ankles. So progress is annoyingly slow, but I plan to do more eventually.

The Fun: The weather was warm and people were wading in the river!  I believe the family on the left are Mennonites, for they are so modestly dressed. Mennonites and other Anabaptist groups have lived in the Shenandoah Valley for many generations.
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April 23, 2017

Downtown Edinburg, VA

Here we have some street scenes in Edinburg, a quaint town in Shenandoah County. You can click on the collage to see it larger.

There are a number of churches in the town. This one is Edinburg Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). A plaque tells us it dates to 1869.

Although the town covers less than one square mile of land, much of the surrounding area carries an Edinburg address.

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April 22, 2017

Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?

I don't have the answer to that one of life's greatest questions, but I do have evidence that in this instance, the chickens crossed the road in order to visit their friend the horse.

Scroll down to see some more birds.  And hop over to Saturday's Critters and The Bird D'Pot to see even more.

See the river behind the horse? That's the North Fork of the Shenandoah.

Here we see some sweet little birds in my yard followed by a blue jay in Front Royal.  The last picture shows three different kinds of ducks hanging out together. Which brings to mind another one of life's great questions: Why can't we all get along?

It's Earth Day! Show nature some love!

April 21, 2017

Skies and Gardens

1. Night at the Gazebo, Front Royal. I accidentally pasted the next image over this one in Photoshop and it looked kind of dreamy. I faded that layer and converted to Black and White. (Yes, I'm using Photoshop again. I really like having layers and multiple features.)
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2. I took this through the windshield. Frank was driving and I saw this nice sky. We were on US 340 near Lake Frederick.
Skywatch Friday
3. It's tulip time!
Flower Friday and Orange You Glad It's Friday
4.  This purple phlox is on a small hillside beside the road near Toms Brook.

5.  Did Caesar make heads roll? No, the staff at Glen Burnie took down these busts for safety reasons. It seems that children sometimes try to play with them, so they will be re-secured in ways that aren't likely to tip over.

April 20, 2017

Today in Charlottesville

Today I drove to Charlottesville to visit Lynn in the hospital. She's my older daughter and she was admitted to UVA Medical Center for a complication of surgery that she had a month ago. By the time I left this evening she was doing pretty well.

Here are three pictures that I took at the hospital using my cell phone, followed by two that I took at dusk from the Whole Foods parking lot.

April 17, 2017

Glen Burnie on Easter Day

The Good: The gardens are in bloom at Glen Burnie in Winchester, VA. Yesterday we took advantage of the pretty weather (and our MSV membership) and walked through the gardens. We also saw a nice art exhibit in the house.

The Random: Here we can see a barn through tree branches. In another week the leaves will hide this view.
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The Fun:
Frank has had a toy chick for years. It says "Happy Easter" but the voice is wearing out. I decided to take it to the garden with us! Frank named him Chuck and he was good about posing.

Mosaic Monday

April 16, 2017

A Little Church and Easter Wishes

The New Zion Baptist Church near Middleburg was built around 1896 and relocated to this location on Sam Fred Road in 1970. The Historic Wanderings blog identifies this as an African-American church.

I decided to render it in black and white for the Black and White Weekend linkup, since the bright white of the church makes it stand out.  I'm also sharing this with InSpired Sunday, where you can see a variety of church architecture.

Today is Easter, so I send out Happy Easter wishes to all who celebrate it.  Some folks down the road have this colorful Easter egg cutout on their gate.

They also had a big heart-shaped sign for Valentine's Day.

April 15, 2017

Slow Times at the Trail Cam

For a few months I neglected the trail camera. Finally I checked the memory card and did not see anything very exciting. Most of the images just showed the tree or weather conditions. The shutter is triggered by movement, including wind.

There were a handful of pictures of me feeding the birds or walking the dog and a fair number of pictures of the geese that visit our yard every day.

There were a few pictures of cats that wandered through the yard. Well, that black one sometimes watches for birds. I've observed him doing that but I haven't seen him catch one.

So far we haven't had evidence of a bear coming through. But today I heard from a neighbor down the street who recently got pictures of a large bear in his yard at 4:30 in the morning.

We had pictures of squirrels and birds too, but not very good ones since the resolution is pretty low. This final shot is the only bird picture that looked interesting. I can't tell what kind of birds these are but they seem to be in a hurry!
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April 14, 2017

Five Local Scenes

There are many places to link on Friday so I'm posting five photos for Willy Nilly Friday and other blog hops.
1. If the setting looks familiar, it's because I photograph this lake often. I can see it from our yard, but the sky changes, especially at sunset. 
Skywatch and Weekend Reflections

2. Today's challenge at My Town Shoot Out is "Administration." I chose a picture of the courthouse in Front Royal for this topic.

3. The next shot isn't for a linkup. I just wanted to announce that the picnic areas in Shenandoah National Park have reopened for the season. Sometimes I buy a salad  in Front Royal and take it up to Dickey Ridge for a picnic lunch.  I have a senior pass to enter the park, and the picnic area is just over four miles from town.

4. I noticed this sign in the picnic area. I guess the park service doesn't want bears in the bathroom! 

5. Here's one more sign for you. It's along Strasburg Road and it says "I need u." I don't know the origin of this and I wonder if it's related to another handmade sign along that road that says "Jesus."

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