December 24, 2017

Marie Arrives for Christmas

Yesterday I picked Marie up at Dulles. I drove up to that area a little early so I could pick up a few things at the organic market in Herndon. It was raining so the only photo I took all day was this shot I grabbed while waiting at a stop light. This is the First Baptist Church in Herndon.

Today we went out but didn't do anything strenuous. Marie has a cold and I still have some foot pain. I wanted to show her the music park near Front Royal so we started there before going to lunch.

After eating at Spelunker's, we headed up on Skyline Drive. Since it was a cloudy day, things looked rather gray until we got up high enough to see what looked like frost on the mountains.

And we found a frosted forest! It was below freezing on the peaks even though it was mild in the valley below, and moisture from a cloud had crystalized on the branches. I've heard this called hoarfrost 

I don't see this very often so I took several pictures. Even though we don't have snow for Christmas, we got to see these pretty white branches.


  1. Those frozen tops of the trees are really beautiful. Gorgeous winter landscapes. Merry Christmas.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Good. Wish you Merry Christmas­čśŐ

  3. Those frosty branches are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  4. Jack Frost worked magic on those lovely trees! Merry Christmas!

  5. I hope you have a Happy Christmas !!

  6. The frosted forest looks enchanting!

  7. The music park looks like a neat place to visit.


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