December 8, 2017

Lights, Camera, Music.

1. I don't know the name of this tower. It's a musical instrument that you play with a mallet, like tubular bells.

The shape is interesting and contrasty enough for a black and white shot. It looked exotic to me but it's in Rockland Park near Front Royal.

2. I saw a recent announcement about the dedication of the Music Park and I was curious, so we went there yesterday. It's behind the playground at Rockland Park and features a number of metal instruments that you play using mallets. Fun!

3. I like seeing Tiffany-style lamps. This dragonfly-design one is in a restored house in West Virginia.

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

4. I liked this reflection on Clifford Street in Winchester last weekend.

5. The deadline for changing your Medicare plan was yesterday. I added a prescription plan, since mine was suddenly dropped last year because I was not informed about a rule about Medicare Advantage. This year I changed back from Medicare Advantage to Supplement Plan F because a number of local doctors won't even see you if you have Medicare Advantage! This cleared the way for getting prescription coverage again.

Health insurance is confusing, but the cost of not having it here (in the USA) can put you into bankruptcy.

For this tedious topic I leave you with a picture that Frank took of me.


  1. No idea what that bell tower is called, but it makes a great black and whit shot!
    Your post about Medicare reminds me of just how very lucky we are here - at our ages (and low income) we are cared for very well and without charge. Those with a decent income have to pay, of course.

  2. ...son there is be no Medicare if Donny gets his way.

  3. The park sounds fun. I have wrestled the insurance and hope mine is right

  4. Hello, I love teh pretty dragonfly lamp. The music park looks neat, I would like to visit there. I am starting to think if our government has there way there will be no Medicare or Social Security. enjoy your weekend!

  5. Looking good there and who knew about such musical instruments. As to insurance and medical costs I get a bad headache just thinking about it...:(

  6. Good portrait!

    The lamp really draws my eye.

  7. That lamp is so pretty. Nice picture of you.

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