December 31, 2019

More Photo Collages: People and Special Effects.

A Lot of Landscapes

The first two pictures show a farm I saw yesterday in Loudoun County.  Then we have a series of collages of scenes that I put into my "Photo of the Year" folder. 

So far, nothing stands out as "the" photo of 2019. I'll post some more later. I hope by that time, inspiration will strike.

The first collage shows scenes from Shenandoah National Park, one of my favorite places. The second one features scenes and birds around my home.

The next collages are from a variety of locations, all within an hour of my home. 

Software Credit: PhotoCollage.

December 30, 2019

Critters in Collages

It is time to select a Photo of the Year for 2019 but so far nothing is jumping out at me. I'm going through images that I like and placing copies in a folder to consider. Here are some birds and other creatures that made it into the folder. I'll post more categories tomorrow.

Do you post a Photo of the Year? What criteria do you use?

Mosaic Monday

December 29, 2019

Old Stone Presbyterian Church

Winchester, Virginia

Erected 1788 
American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site.

Excerpt from Plaque:
"This building used by Presbyterians until 1834;
by the Baptists, 1834-1858;
by Old School Baptist Church of Color, 1858-1886;
by Federal troops as a stable during War between the States when it was damaged by shell fire;
by Public School for Negro Children, 1875-1929;
by National Guard as armory, 1929-1940.
Restored, 1941-1950"

Next to the church is a statue of Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan (left), who was a member of the church. 

December 28, 2019

Bald Eagle Release

This morning Wildlife Veterinary Care released a bald eagle at Cool Spring Battlefield, Bluemont. Dr. Belinda Burwell told us that the eagle was rescued by Fairfax County Animal Control, found very ill on a resident's deck. The vets nursed her to health and now she was ready to fly.

I was surprised by the size of the crowd. There were well over 200 people and I had to park along the road.  It appeared to be an even larger crowd than the one that showed up for 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cool Spring.

As soon as they opened the crate, the eagle made her escape.

She spread her wings, flapped them and was airborne in seconds. Up she went over the trees, away from the crowd. She disappeared quickly.

I had my camera set for multi-shots,  which allowed me to get three frames per click. Otherwise I would have only got two pictures of the eagle.

I also used this technique in March when I saw a hawk released into the wild.

I saw quite a few dogs in the audience but I suspect that they just happened to be there for their weekend walk. Cool Spring is a popular place for walking dogs. It is a beautiful park, formerly a golf course. It is now used by Shenandoah University for teaching conservation as well as Civil War history.

The narrow and badly rutted road was crammed with cars after the event, so I took a short walk.

I saw a few deer on my way out. I did not realize there were two deer in this picture until I examined it tonight. (One is peeking out on the right.)

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December 27, 2019

A National Park Anniversary

1. Shenandoah National Park was established on December 26, 1935. I photographed the sunset there exactly 84 years later. The first shot is framed through a car window. 

Skywatch and Friday Bliss.
2. Here's the same sunset viewed between a couple of trees at Dickey Ridge. The park is only a short distance from Front Royal, so when I go there to shop, I sometimes drive up to see the sunset.

3. Another attraction at Shenandoah National Park is wildlife, like this young deer. 

4. Moving along to a different location for Weekend Reflection, this is a glass door on a grandfather clock.

5. When Marie arrived on Wednesday, she took the bus from Dulles Airport to Front Royal, where I was waiting in the Park and Ride lot. The Virginia Breeze connects Washington, DC with Blacksburg, stopping in several cities along the way.

December 26, 2019

It's Thursday, Seems Like Monday.

Having a holiday mid-week has made today feel like Monday. It probably doesn't help that I had trouble getting to sleep last night, thanks to drinking more caffeine than usual.

I'm sensitive to caffeine and for a long time I only consumed it in the form of a little chocolate. Then I started drinking a small amount of coffee when driving to prevent drowsiness. Well, yesterday I had a little extra because (a) it was a holiday and (b) I was driving Marie to Northern Virginia after dark because she was taking a train to New York. I did stay alert... and was still awake at 4 in the morning!
Oh, well. I have a handful of images today to share with the Signs and Fences blog hops.

The first scene is in Sperryville and the second is near Strasburg.

The carolers were in Winchester.

The gate with a shadow was in Winchester too, although I took that picture last month before all the leaves fell.

The final image of a sign was also in Winchester.  Should I apologize for the bad pun? No, I'm just reporting it; I didn't make it up!

December 25, 2019

Family Time, Christmas Time.

Marie, Lynn, David, and Allison were here for Christmas dinner.

We exchanged gifts and chatted. David reported on his trip to Israel and India earlier this year. I served ham and vegetables.

I hope you had a good day too!

A Wreath in a Window.

Seen at Rosemont. Wordless Wednesday

December 23, 2019

Coming, Going, and Fancy Random-osity

Good: The recycling and trash center that was out on Route 55 has moved to a spacious location on Powhatan Road, Strasburg. This means I know longer have to fear backing the car off a hill when I try to leave, plus the big dumpster for recycling cardboard is now on level ground instead of on a steep slope. Oh, and it offers a view of the Massanutten Range.

Random: Art in the Valley has closed. They were on Main Street in Front Royal but the owner is moving to Pittsburgh. 

Fun: We made a return visit to historic Rosemont in Berryville to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. There was abundant live greenery, with sumptuous red and sparkly things.
Mosaic Monday.
I realize the images are small, even if you click on the collage. There are larger photos in our December 2017 tour of Rosemont.

I noticed the remote control in the middle of a nativity scene. I see it as a symbol of how we are distracted by electronics.

If I don't see you tomorrow, please accept my wishes for a loving and peaceful holiday!