December 26, 2019

It's Thursday, Seems Like Monday.

Having a holiday mid-week has made today feel like Monday. It probably doesn't help that I had trouble getting to sleep last night, thanks to drinking more caffeine than usual.

I'm sensitive to caffeine and for a long time I only consumed it in the form of a little chocolate. Then I started drinking a small amount of coffee when driving to prevent drowsiness. Well, yesterday I had a little extra because (a) it was a holiday and (b) I was driving Marie to Northern Virginia after dark because she was taking a train to New York. I did stay alert... and was still awake at 4 in the morning!
Oh, well. I have a handful of images today to share with the Signs and Fences blog hops.

The first scene is in Sperryville and the second is near Strasburg.

The carolers were in Winchester.

The gate with a shadow was in Winchester too, although I took that picture last month before all the leaves fell.

The final image of a sign was also in Winchester.  Should I apologize for the bad pun? No, I'm just reporting it; I didn't make it up!


  1. I do like that last one particularly!

  2. that I am retired, every day feels of a weekend! It looks like you enjoyed a sunny Christmas, thanks Linda for stopping by.

  3. My family I'm visiting had all kinds of strange days off this I am glad to be with them when they aren't at work!

  4. That last shot, someone has a funny kind of corny sense of humor which I always laugh at. Enjoyed all of these. Happy New Year Linda :)


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