December 27, 2019

A National Park Anniversary

1. Shenandoah National Park was established on December 26, 1935. I photographed the sunset there exactly 84 years later. The first shot is framed through a car window. 

Skywatch and Friday Bliss.
2. Here's the same sunset viewed between a couple of trees at Dickey Ridge. The park is only a short distance from Front Royal, so when I go there to shop, I sometimes drive up to see the sunset.

3. Another attraction at Shenandoah National Park is wildlife, like this young deer. 

4. Moving along to a different location for Weekend Reflection, this is a glass door on a grandfather clock.

5. When Marie arrived on Wednesday, she took the bus from Dulles Airport to Front Royal, where I was waiting in the Park and Ride lot. The Virginia Breeze connects Washington, DC with Blacksburg, stopping in several cities along the way.


  1. Beautiful sky and deer at the park. Shenandoah is a beautiful place to visit.

  2. Shenandoah is so famous all around the world from the song. I think I would love to visit, especially on that bus.

  3. ...lovely shots, the first one is a great idea. The Breeze is a great name. Happy New year Linda.

  4. Love the sunset through the trees. Good to see you still blogging daily.

  5. Happy Birthday (belatedly) to beautiful Shenadoah NP...and thank you for the sunsets. What a cool bonus to be able to include those in a shopping expedition!

  6. ✨Delicious compositions as always.💝

  7. You live in such a beautiful and interesting area.

  8. Good eye seeing the reflection. The top two photos are amazing!

  9. The skies are stunning with black tree silhouettes <3 Wishing Happy New Year!

  10. Lovely photos! The sunset is especially spectacular.


  11. A nice variety of images, especially the sunset shots :)

    Happy New Year from 'My Corner of the World'!

    My Corner of the World


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