December 28, 2019

Bald Eagle Release

This morning Wildlife Veterinary Care released a bald eagle at Cool Spring Battlefield, Bluemont. Dr. Belinda Burwell told us that the eagle was rescued by Fairfax County Animal Control, found very ill on a resident's deck. The vets nursed her to health and now she was ready to fly.

I was surprised by the size of the crowd. There were well over 200 people and I had to park along the road.  It appeared to be an even larger crowd than the one that showed up for 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cool Spring.

As soon as they opened the crate, the eagle made her escape.

She spread her wings, flapped them and was airborne in seconds. Up she went over the trees, away from the crowd. She disappeared quickly.

I had my camera set for multi-shots,  which allowed me to get three frames per click. Otherwise I would have only got two pictures of the eagle.

I also used this technique in March when I saw a hawk released into the wild.

I saw quite a few dogs in the audience but I suspect that they just happened to be there for their weekend walk. Cool Spring is a popular place for walking dogs. It is a beautiful park, formerly a golf course. It is now used by Shenandoah University for teaching conservation as well as Civil War history.

The narrow and badly rutted road was crammed with cars after the event, so I took a short walk.

I saw a few deer on my way out. I did not realize there were two deer in this picture until I examined it tonight. (One is peeking out on the right.)

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  1. What a wonderful event to release the eagle after being nursed back to good health! I hope it does well back in the wild flying free once more. An interesting photo of the deer. What great sightings you get in your corner of the world! Wishing you a good new year.

  2. The re-release of the eagle & your photos of it aling with the latch released and off she flies brought goose bumps!!

    With your lovely post viewed, I want to thank you for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin and wish you a most prosperous new year!

  3. YAY, for the eagle! It is great to see the eagle released. Love the cute dogs and the deer. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a great new week! I appreciate you linking up and all the comments this past year.

  4. Hi, Linda. Appreciate you visiting my place. I haven't been out clicking lately since I broke both hands in a motorcycle accident, but I hope to be posting pictures soon. See you around

  5. To bardzo dobra wiadomość, że kolejny orzeł został uratowany przez ludzi oddanych sprawie! Gratulacje!

  6. How wonderful to release the eagle after being nursed back to good health, lovely series of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  7. It surprises me how well deer can be camouflaged by their surroundings.

  8. Great news, hope she lives a long and happy life.

    Happy New Year, Diane


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