May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Random-osity

The Good: Kernstown Battlefield Park has acquired a huge mural from the Virginia Historical Society. The medium is unusual: a lenticular photo designed to give a three-dimensional effect. Do you remember 3-D postcards and photos, the kind printed on ribbed plastic? The result is intriguing but just about impossible to photograph because light bounces off the surface in several directions. Since light was coming in windows, I could not find an angle that minimized reflections.

The Civil War Battle scenes were staged using reenactors. Read about the creation of this work by Wide-Awake Films.
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The Random: Today we attended a Memorial Day Ceremony in Front Royal.  In addition to the traditional speeches and band music, the event included special recognition of "the dogs of war," the brave canines who served the military.  Front Royal has a government training center for dogs, operating since 1942 when it was the first of its kind. 

The Fun: The ceremony concluded with a brief parade of dogs led by trainer Diana Lieber.  Local pets joined in! 

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May 28, 2017

Sunday Near Strasburg

Round Hill Church of the Brethren was dedicated in 1960, but its roots date back to 1857, when a log building became the first meeting house in Shenandoah County of the Church of the Brethren.

On another side of Strasburg, a family mounts a display of flags for Memorial Day Weekend.

Seen from Red Bud Road

May 27, 2017

Festival of Spring

Earlier this month we went to a festival in Luray. Several blocks of Main Street were blocked off and craft vendors and food booths lined the street. Children's activities were offered in the adjacent park.

Luray is a charming town in the valley between the Massanutten Range and the Blue Ridge.

A man with a pet monkey and  magic tricks was entertaining children.

When I saw this bright-eyed dog, I asked permission to take a picture. What an interesting face!

Even law enforcement offered entertainment in the form of a small paddy wagon that citizens could pose inside

The Girl Scouts had a Peeps Show as a fund raiser. This involves dioramas of "Peeps" (marshmallow figures).

Park along Hawksbill Creek

May 26, 2017

Cell Phone Foolery

1. Yesterday Lynn gave me a second present for Mother's Day, since she had forgotten about having purchased it some time ago. She already gave me a nice dish garden and then remembered later that there was a decorative pillow for me. Rather than describe it, I'll just show you!

Yes, it looks like Flash!

2. Here's another face. I saw this in an outdoor sculpture display. 

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3. I took this sunset picture from a drive-in restaurant.
Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday
4. Here's another one I took through the windshield. I altered it using a Photoshop action from the Coffeeshop Blog.
In Strasburg, VA
5. For this one I used a Photoshop filter that's supposed to look like an oil painting.

Have a good weekend!

May 25, 2017

The Running Fight, 155 Years Ago

On Saturday I went to a history program in nearby Middletown. My friend Ranger Shannon was presenting "The Running Fight," a tour on the battle that took place along the Valley Pike on May 24, 1862 following the Battle of Front Royal. (I've done a couple versions of the Battle of Front Royal Tour in previous years but have never covered this lesser known battle of Jackson's Valley Campaign.) 

The tour started at the Wayside Inn in Middletown and then went south to the Belle Grove area.
Related Map: Front Royal to Winchester

I thought this fence beside the road was scenic. (If you want to see more fences, check out the linkup at Looking for Identity.)

We turned around at Cedar Creek and headed back north. This marker barely mentions this struggle because it deals with an earlier battle, but it does say:
"... on May 24, as the Federals retreated to Winchester, Collis' Zouaves (Union) were cut off and nearly captured by Jackson when they were left at the bridge as a rear guard."

We turned around at Cedar Creek and finished north of Middletown at the outskirts of Stephens City, which was called Newtown in 1862.

A marker there also deals with another battle but an illustration on it looks like what I imagine this "running fight" would have looked, as Federals struggled to get their wagons to safety.

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One of the men on the tour mentioned that he is raising funds for a marker that relates to the Battle of Front Royal. It will deal with Turner Ashby's attack on Buckton Station, where he cut the telegraph lines, destroying communications between Front Royal and Bank's Fort in Strasburg. (See related post.)

The train no longer stops in Buckton but the station probably stood at the far right of this scene, where a later building now stands abandoned. 

May 24, 2017

Ducks and Ducklings

We've been watching for baby ducks and geese by the lake. Finally, a large group of ducklings has appeared! 

I didn't notice until I got the second photo ready to post that daddy duck is watching from the upper left! Ducks are excellent parents.

I haven't seen any babies with the muscovies this year. They are interesting ducks.

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May 22, 2017

A Barn and Random Fun

Maybe it's silly but I get excited when I can exceed expectations for a challenge. In this case I not only found a nice barn for the Barn Collective, I got to get some pictures inside the barn and even from the back! And best of all, there were baby lambs! 

I got photos for some other linkups, too, and put them in the format for Good, Random, and Fun.

The Good: Loudoun County Farm Tours meant that various farms were open to visitors and I chose one that was not too far and was likely to have lambs. I was not disappointed. This cutie was 9 days old. 

Here Momma Sheep is keeping watch over her sleeping babies. They were only 2 and a half days old!

There were plenty of adult sheep too. The farm is named Three Bags Wool.

The Random: I was surprised to find a mural inside the barn! There were other touches of art on the farm, and now I see that the farm is available for parties and weddings, so that explains the extra-nice decor. 
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The Fun: Families were enjoying the farm. The pond had plenty of frogs and dragonflies to interest children.

Other attractions included baby chicks, a rope-making demonstration, and a straw pony.

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