May 26, 2017

Cell Phone Foolery

1. Yesterday Lynn gave me a second present for Mother's Day, since she had forgotten about having purchased it some time ago. She already gave me a nice dish garden and then remembered later that there was a decorative pillow for me. Rather than describe it, I'll just show you!

Yes, it looks like Flash!

2. Here's another face. I saw this in an outdoor sculpture display. 

Sharing with Black and White Weekend
3. I took this sunset picture from a drive-in restaurant.
Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday
4. Here's another one I took through the windshield. I altered it using a Photoshop action from the Coffeeshop Blog.
In Strasburg, VA
5. For this one I used a Photoshop filter that's supposed to look like an oil painting.

Have a good weekend!


  1. That b&w sculpture is great, so is your photo of it.

  2. That face is very interesting, and I LOVE the pillow!

  3. Amazing, gorgeous shot, as ususal, Darling Linda, I'm always grateful to you for sharing them with us !

    Wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    XOXO Dany

  4. Very cute gift for Mother's Day. Great selection for all the memes. The art effect on your flowers is very pretty.

  5. That Flash pillow is cute. I love that last photo with the oil painting filter. So pretty.


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