September 22, 2018

Lake Frederick in Black and White

Lake Frederick is near the small town of White Post,  Virginia. The fishing lake is public.

It's rare that I post multiple photos in black and white, but I felt these pictures looked best that way.

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September 21, 2018

It's the Last Day of Summer.

1. It barely seems like we had a summer. Much of the weather was cool, and we had an unusual amount of rain. We had some nice skies though. I can't complain.
Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

2. Down in Australia, Nick of Floral Friday is celebrating the first day of spring. Well, I don't have spring now but I still have flowers. They'll be followed by the colors of autumn, so we're basking in beauty until November, at least.

3. The Woodstock Police Department posted their Lip-synch Challenge video, and it shows some fantastic local scenery. Many scenes had to be left out, of course, including the one with Massanutten Military Academy Students which I happened to catch when I saw them filming. 

4. This thing (werewolf?) was a bit of a surprise in a home improvement store, but it has something to do with an autumn event. (No doubt you can figure out which one!)

5. We saw an art exhibit at the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community. I spotted a wall devoted to Debbie Nees, an artist who was a neighbor when we lived at Bryce Resort. She passed away this year. She gave art lessons and had a cut-out of a giant bunny in her front yard.

September 20, 2018

Blue Ridge Heritage Monument, Elkton.

This new monument in Elkton, VA, honors "Rockingham County Farmers and Landowners Displaced to Form Shenandoah National Park." I've seen a similar one in Sperryville that honors the people in Rappahannock County who were forced to leave when the park was built.

This is beautifully built in the shape of a chimney. A center stone is incised with the form of a tree. Dedicated in 2018, a plaque lists citizens who were displaced. Surnames include Baugher, Beasley, Breeden, Dean, Hensley, Lam, McDaniel, Meadows, Morris, Shifflett, and Williams.

There are also four signs telling about the community that was on the mountains. Here are two of them. The others tell of "Making a Living in the Mountains" and "Family and Community Life."

To visit, park next to the Elkton Community Center on Blue and Gold Drive.

September 18, 2018

September 17, 2018

Rainy Season Randoms

For a while it looked like Hurricane Florence was going to send us torrents of rain, but we seem to have escaped the worst of it. We have had heavy rain and more is coming tomorrow morning, but this afternoon the sun came out. Flooding has been "the usual," that is, enlarged ponds, wet fields, and a few impassable roads that get that way with every heavy storm. 

There were tornados in Virginia today but they were east of the Blue Ridge, not near here. Now for three picture for Random-osity, with the first one also linking to Monday Murals.

The Good: This mural is on a wall next to the new Shenandoah Museum of Contemporary Art is Strasburg.  People have been coloring it with paints, but progress has been slow due to the weather.

The Random:  I get the feeling that nature can't take any more of our pollution so she's fighting back!

The Fun: Although I planned to stay home today, the unexpected sunshine called me out. I ran a couple of errands, bought a dollar cup of coffee at Royal Farms, and drove a short distance to the golf course behind Walmart, where I drank my coffee in the sunshine. I took a short walk to the river, where I saw some young men fishing. Fishing may not look like fun, but people who like it assure me that it is.

September 16, 2018

Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church

This church is near Grottoes, VA, a small town best known for Grand Caverns. Not in the picture is a large addition holding a fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms.
Originally built in 1857, the church was rebuilt in 2005 following a fire. 

September 15, 2018

A Variety of Creatures

Big Bird? I believe it is an emu. I don't see these very often. It posed for me!

There are many ducks and geese on our neighborhood lake. The mallards have multiplied over the past year.

The squirrel was photographed by one of my game cameras.

The final picture shows a rabbit I saw at Oatlands.  We have rabbits at home too, but my pictures of them are all starting to all look alike.

September 14, 2018

Five Images from Oatlands.

1. This fence interested me, with its varied-height pickets and the sharp angle. On the hill behind it stands Oatlands, built between 1804 and the 1820s.

Black and White Weekend.
2. Here's a better view of the manor house. My older pictures of Oatlands show a deeper yellow paint color.

Sharing with Skywatch Friday.

3. Oatlands is known for its lovely gardens, so I'm devoting the rest of this post to them.

I filtered the image of the zinnias to give it a bit of drama for Orange You Glad It's Friday and Floral Friday.

4. Frank wanted to see water features so we traipsed down to the lily pond. It is a peaceful spot.

5. Since there were many flowers calling to me to take their portrait, I made a collage of pictures from the gardens using PhotoCollage

P.S. If you are in the path of Hurricane Florence (or any other storm), please be cautious. It has not reached us in Virginia yet but we are expecting days of rain, and the ground is already wet from a series of showers. We have extra supplies in case the road to town gets flooded or the power goes out.

Keep your phone charged!

September 13, 2018

Edgewood Cemetery.

This charming cemetery is enhanced by the decorative iron fence and archway as well as numerous trees. I happened to find this near the town of Grottoes on Rockfish Road. It is across the road from Mt. Horeb Church.

September 11, 2018

Memorial Park in Elkton, Virginia.

It's September 11th so I'm sharing a few pictures of the Elkton 9-11 Memorial. I did share a single image of this at the end of August because I had a dramatic shot of it that I wanted to post for a black and white linkup, which they turned out to like enough to show it this past weekend.

This day seventeen years ago is etched in the memory of almost everyone who was old enough at that time to understand what was happening. I won't repeat what I wrote about it on the 10th anniversary of that shocking day because you can click through if you are curious.

The Elkton memorial is in Stonewall Memorial Park.

Also in the Memorial Park is this attractive monument honoring the town's veterans.
"In memory of the veterans that gave their lives on the battlefields in all conflicts. In honor of those that served from the Stonewall District."

I love the petunias here, so beautifully cared for, and I'm sharing them with Floral Bliss, a linkup that is ending this week.

I also like the stonework on this memorial. The flagstone looks like Bull Run Mountain stone.