October 1, 2007

A Surprise in West Virginia

I'm interrupting the Jamestown tour report but I'll get back to it. Yesterday we visited Hardy County for their Heritage Weekend. Hardy is the West Virginia county that's just across Great North Mountain from us, but it takes us almost an hour to get there. The easiest way is to drive to Broadway VA and follow route 259 to the Lost River Area.

We saw a craft show, had lunch, and visited a historic cabin. Then we went to tour a barn in Mathias which was billed in the brochure as having a soaring interior, etc. We wandered into the huge barn, which was indeed finely built. A man was giving a family a tour and he suddenly stopped and looked at me and said, "I think I know you!" I said something but did not recognize him; he had a cap on and looked like a farmer. "I'm Mark Wolfe," he said, "from NOVA."

Oh! I remembered Mark Wolfe! He was one of my photography teachers at NOVA in Alexandria. I was amazed that he recognized me after 20 years.

After he finished giving the tour, he explained that he had tired of teaching photography and didn't want to switch over to digital. He moved to West Virginia and was now raising goats on a farm nearby. It seems to me like a drastic change for a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, but he's not the first person I've met who gave up urban life to move to a farm.

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