April 30, 2012

Photographing the House on the Ridge

I've been working on pictures of our Basye home for the sales listing. Except for shooting the view, it's been difficult getting good exterior shots. The lot is wooded and sloping so it's almost impossible to find an unobstructed angle.
See listing.

April 29, 2012

April 28, 2012

In the Rain, Delaplane

Here are a few more pictures from the Garden Week tour of Oakwood.

I just realized we had similar weather on a NVCC Civil War tour that ended in Delaplane in 2007.

Delaplane is in Fauquier County (VA) just off I-66. A sign in the town tells us that Stonewall Jackson's use of the railroad there marked a new era in military transport.

April 27, 2012

It's Historic Garden Week in Virginia

I love Historic Garden Week because so many homes and gardens are open for tours. Some have never been open to the public before. Unfortunately, we were super-busy this week and only made it to one house and garden. It was Oakwood in Delaplane and the weather was unpleasant: rainy and cold. Still, it was worth seeing.

We get ideas for planning our own gardens from touring various gardens. I've seen the value in hard-scaping and laying out outdoor "rooms." Of course, anything we do will be modest compared to some of the fancier gardens.

April 25, 2012

Selling Squirrel Ridge (Oh, No!)

Now that we've moved to the lake house, it's time to sell our house in Bryce Resort. It breaks my heart to part with it, but we cannot justify the expense of keeping an extra home.
If you are looking for a mountain home in Virginia, ours has some unique features:
  • Beautiful views!
  • Resort amenities.
  • One level living
  • Guest apartment over the garage
  • Only one block from state-maintained road
  • Originally designed by an architect for his own family
  • Remodeled kitchen designed by Nancy Meyers
  • Private yard with flowers and trees.

April 23, 2012

Blog Post #3350

I'm blogging from our Ipad. Right now it's 3G access is the only decent internet connection we have in the house. We moved here eight days ago and although Comcast sent out a guy right away, he said we need a new cable run from the street. Finally today two contractors showed up to put in that line. Now we need to wait for the other guy to come back and do the rest of the installation. In the meantime, our web access is limited and we don't have cable TV. The latter ia fine with me because my husband watches so much TV I get sick of it. But blogging via ipad is slow and tricky. Yesterday's post got messed up somehow and I had to redo it several times. On some other days I took my laptop to a library or to Denny's and used their wi-fi to blog. Anyway, I hope to get back to normal soon.

April 22, 2012

Birthday Wishes

This 1966 photo shows baby Marie being held by her big sister Lynn. Happy Birthday to Marie!

April 20, 2012

It's Civil War Tour Season

Jonathan Noyalas lectures at Kernstown Battlefield

Part of Kernstown Battlefield has been preserved, surrounded by development.

It's spring, and a great time of year for outdoor tours. Tomorrow there's a Civil War class and tour sponsored by Lord Fairfax Community College. Here are some pictures from last spring's LFCC tour.

Kernstown Battlefield Park is located on the south side of Winchester just behind Creekside Village Shopping Center.

Touring Star Fort in Winchester

Coming in May: NOVA's Civil War Field Trips

April 19, 2012

Lake and Mountain, Early Morning

It's not often that I'm up and outdoors at 6:30 in the morning. But the dogs are still adjusting to their new residence and Flash has started barking at dawn. So I got dressed and took them outside for a brief walk.

The morning light illuminated Signal Knob with a reddish glow. So as soon as the dogs were ready to settle down, I took some photos. These are views from our yard.

April 18, 2012

The Unending Process of Moving

We have been in the process of moving for weeks. We spent Saturday getting a rental truck. The Penske dealer closed at noon on that day but we didn't need the truck until the next morning and didn't want to pay for an extra 24-hours. So we drove to Front Royal in the morning, did the paperwork and got the key, but waited until 6:30 PM to pick up the truck.

At quarter of nine the next morning, Amanda and Greg Miller showed up with a helper to load our furniture and boxes into the truck. They worked very hard but were not able to completely move us because the truck wasn't big enough! It was big, a 26-footer, but we have loads of stuff.

The good news is that we did get the furniture moved except for lawn furniture plus numerous boxes and a bunch of odd-shaped stuff. (Ever notice that when you pack boxes, your belongings seem to expand like foam insulation does? They just take up so much space, it's hard to believe.)

On Monday and Tuesday we went back to Basye in our own vehicles and loaded even more stuff. And yet there's till more. Nobody said moving would be easy!

April 17, 2012

April 14, 2012

Preparing to Leave our Home in Basye

This is our driveway entrance in Basye. We did not name the place Bella Vista; the previous owners did.

We purchased this house in 2006. Now we are leaving for another home an hour away. The good news is that it's an hour closer to most of our family members and only 10 minutes farther from the others. It's also close to shopping so we will spend less on gas and not have to make long drives just to run errands.

But it is hard to leave this place! I love the view, and the peaceful yard, and the spacious "great room," and the little apartment above the garage. And the deer, and the woodpeckers, and the surrounding resort, and our community library, and all the nice people we know here!

Tonight we had dinner at the resort's main restaurant. The last time we ate there, we watched skiers and children as they enjoyed the snow on the slopes. Ski season just ended a month ago, and now it's spring and everything is blooming. If we come back next year during ski season, we may see some of the same children, older and more skillful on their skis or snowboards.  Age happens, and it seems to happen so quickly.

April 13, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

View from Conicville, VA
On our drive home Sunday night I saw the fire from Columbia Furnace. It looked like a hilltop in the distance had an aurora of flames! Later that night I saw a picture on Facebook that matched what I saw, and an explanation that the fire was in the National Forest at Wolf Gap.

Unfortunately, firefighters still haven't succeeded in extinguishing the fire. I took the first two pictures on Tuesday and today we could still see smoke coming from the same area.

The Forest Service has closed Wolf Gap Campground and several trails, plus Wolf Gap Road is closed for the duration of the fire. It's the shortest route to West Virginia for some people so this will be quite inconvenient. Crooked Run Road is not a good option because it's even narrower and the pavement is not maintained after you cross the state line. So residents must either drive south to 259 or north to 55 to cross Great North Mountain.

I read that the fire was caused by ashes from a campfire dumped on the ground by a careless camper.

April 12, 2012

A Riding Mower for Frank

There's a lot of grass to cut at the Lake House and the lawn care guy wanted $180 to cut it! This gave us a good reason to go to Sears and buy a riding mower. Frank was excited when it was delivered and tried it out immediately.

April 11, 2012

Upstairs View at the Lake House

We've been working hard to get the house in Waterlick cleaned up. Late one afternoon I went upstairs to dust the ceiling fans and knock down cobwebs and was treated to a pretty view from a bedroom window.
View with Signal Knob, Massanutten Range

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Children's Program, April 7
at the Basye-Orkney Springs Community Library

Volunteer Mona Wolf presented another program on Saturday. A couple dozen children showed up with their parents. The theme was rabbits primarily, with Easter eggs also featured.

I've posted pictures from this event over several days. Scroll down or click the Library tag to see them all. Normally I expect viewers to ask permission before using my pictures, but if your children are in one of these photos, go ahead and download it to share with family or friends. Click on it first to see a larger version.

April 10, 2012

The Fun of Hunting Eggs

The Egg Hunt was a highlight for the children at Saturday's library program. As you may have noticed, the library is next to the airport in Bryce Resort.

Volunteers Brenda and Poteet hid the eggs while the Miss Mona read the children a story in the library. Each child was asked to collect only 12 eggs so that everyone could have some, and the children cooperated nicely. The eggs were not "real" ones but were plastic with candy inside.

April 9, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

This little girl won "Harvey" at the children's program at the library on Saturday. I was the librarian on duty so I picked the winning entry out of a jar.

All the librarians at the library in Basye are volunteers. I help out a couple of times a month.

April 8, 2012

Such Adorable Children!

At the Basye - Orkney Springs Community Library
Children's Program, Easter Weekend 2012

April 7, 2012

Enjoy Easter!

These are pictures I took at the library program today, which featured stories about rabbits and an egg hunt. The bunny, chicks, and eggs are symbols of new life, reminding us to celebrate life and enjoy Springtime.

May you have a great weekend!

April 5, 2012

Pickett's Charge

We're looking at the field where Confederates from Virginia began the charge against the Union line on Cemetery Ridge. They were unsuccessful and suffered heavy losses. See the text of the Pickett's Charge sign on Historical marker Database.