April 14, 2012

Preparing to Leave our Home in Basye

This is our driveway entrance in Basye. We did not name the place Bella Vista; the previous owners did.

We purchased this house in 2006. Now we are leaving for another home an hour away. The good news is that it's an hour closer to most of our family members and only 10 minutes farther from the others. It's also close to shopping so we will spend less on gas and not have to make long drives just to run errands.

But it is hard to leave this place! I love the view, and the peaceful yard, and the spacious "great room," and the little apartment above the garage. And the deer, and the woodpeckers, and the surrounding resort, and our community library, and all the nice people we know here!

Tonight we had dinner at the resort's main restaurant. The last time we ate there, we watched skiers and children as they enjoyed the snow on the slopes. Ski season just ended a month ago, and now it's spring and everything is blooming. If we come back next year during ski season, we may see some of the same children, older and more skillful on their skis or snowboards.  Age happens, and it seems to happen so quickly.


  1. home is where you make it...i hope all is well.

  2. It is hard to move on. We get attached to places, despite our best intentions. And it is harder still when the locale is beautiful, full of peace and nature and all the things that make us happy. I give you credit for being able to make the move. I tend to put down roots quickly and deeply. I've been in the same house I bought back in 1988 and, at least for now, can't think of going anywhere else.

  3. It has been hard. Thanks for your supportive comments.


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