April 23, 2012

Blog Post #3350

I'm blogging from our Ipad. Right now it's 3G access is the only decent internet connection we have in the house. We moved here eight days ago and although Comcast sent out a guy right away, he said we need a new cable run from the street. Finally today two contractors showed up to put in that line. Now we need to wait for the other guy to come back and do the rest of the installation. In the meantime, our web access is limited and we don't have cable TV. The latter ia fine with me because my husband watches so much TV I get sick of it. But blogging via ipad is slow and tricky. Yesterday's post got messed up somehow and I had to redo it several times. On some other days I took my laptop to a library or to Denny's and used their wi-fi to blog. Anyway, I hope to get back to normal soon.


  1. Only 15 minutes away, and I can order lunch or sip coffee there.

  2. coffee and internet...perfect match for me.


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