September 24, 2018

My Mother, A Mural, My Daughter.

The Good: A mother's love is special. This shows my grandmother and my mother on the beach, long before I knew them.

Mom would be 98 years old today. I still miss her.

The Random: A lighthouse mural brightens in a stairway at the Fellowship Hall of the Strasburg Lutheran Church.

"Keep the Light Shining."

For murals around the world, visit Monday Murals.

The Fun: I met Lynn for lunch and shopping last week. Here she's pointing out that the dipping chocolate on her strawberries is just chocolate syrup.

Lynn is my older daughter and only she lives 90 minutes from here so we regularly meet in Harrisonburg.


  1. Well, chocolate syrup just will NOT do. How right she is to insist on nothing but the best!

  2. I do not think one ever stops missing their mother. Mine would have been 103 this year after passing away in 2002 very suddenly with a massive stroke. I have so many things of hers around the house that I find myself talking to her quite often.
    Have a good week. Diane

  3. What a beautiful black and white photo Linda.
    I'm still lucky to have my parents alive, but I believe one never stops missing their parents after they are gone.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals, the lighthouses are very pretty.

  4. A birthdate for a parent who's passed on is always going to bring back memories.

  5. Love all three of your topics here Linda. The precious old black and white photo of your grandmother and mother is a priceless treasure. Looooove lighthouses and how fab that you can catch up regularly with your daughter.. I can too and I love it ✨

  6. So neat that you and your daughter can meet... I have to do the same things with my sons since they are about 1.5 hours from us... They stay so busy, and so do we.

    Great picture of your Mom and Grandmother..


  7. That black and white photograph of your grandmother and mother is so very special.

    All the best Jan

  8. Wishing your mother a happy birthday if only in memory and spirit. Why that's not way to dip something. Even melted Kraft caramels would be better.

  9. The picture of your grandmother and mother is a treasure. I miss my mom too.


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