September 21, 2018

It's the Last Day of Summer.

1. It barely seems like we had a summer. Much of the weather was cool, and we had an unusual amount of rain. We had some nice skies though. I can't complain.
Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

2. Down in Australia, Nick of Floral Friday is celebrating the first day of spring. Well, I don't have spring now but I still have flowers. They'll be followed by the colors of autumn, so we're basking in beauty until November, at least.

3. The Woodstock Police Department posted their Lip-synch Challenge video, and it shows some fantastic local scenery. Many scenes had to be left out, of course, including the one with Massanutten Military Academy Students which I happened to catch when I saw them filming. 

4. This thing (werewolf?) was a bit of a surprise in a home improvement store, but it has something to do with an autumn event. (No doubt you can figure out which one!)

5. We saw an art exhibit at the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community. I spotted a wall devoted to Debbie Nees, an artist who was a neighbor when we lived at Bryce Resort. She passed away this year. She gave art lessons and had a cut-out of a giant bunny in her front yard.


  1. ...our summer continues to be HOT and DRY!
    ...your magnolia is wonderful.
    ...sad that they were left out.
    ...Halloween is a big decorating season.
    ...lovely art.
    Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy!

  2. Great capture . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  3. Hello, the first two images are lovely. That werewolf looks perfect for Halloween. The art work is beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Lovely sky. With more clouds this summer, I was glad to see some white fluffy ones yesterday. Hope to have more of those instead of grey from horizon to horizon.

  5. Lovely photos, but how I dread winter! Happy weekend Diane

  6. Beautiful sky photo! We've had summers like that around here. This one was pretty nice. Fall's here now with the cooler weather but I know summer weather usually returns to our area at least 2-3 times before it really gets cold. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. Such a beautiful sky …

    All the best Jan

  8. Beautiful sky! Fun to see an artist you knew at that exhibit (but sorry to hear she has passed away). That werewolf thing is scary awful even for 'that Fall holiday".... I loved seeing your flowers. Especially the Magnolia, still pretty as it ages. We bought our Oregon home (the first time we lived here... our former life one) because of the beautiful magnolia in the front yard. I swear that's almost true! (It did have the bedrooms we required for our family and stuff like that, but it was the tree that made me fall in love with the house.0

  9. Our summer here seemed longer than usual to me. We had an abundance of hot weather, and it seemed like it would never end. Beautiful skies and flowers. That werewolf looks quite terrifying.


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