September 30, 2018

Today in the Lost River Valley.

It was Hardy County Heritage Weekend in West Virginia, just across the mountain from Strasburg. This afternoon we visited the Valley Baptist Church and a farm, plus we drove through the state park and the lush countryside.

The charming church was completed in 1894 and "it was surrounded by a white picket fence to keep the cows out of the church yard." It is across Route 259 from the Lost City Post Office.

From there we drove toward Mathias.

The Ben Mathias Barn (the large one on the right) is spacious and sturdily constructed. It was built by Wade Snyder for H. Riley Heishman (20th century).

We've been there before but it was eleven years ago.  That was the first Heritage Weekend we attended, and we've been back many times since then. The sites vary from year to year so there's always something new to see.

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  1. ...a lovely white collection, the church and barn are wonderful. Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  2. The top photo is such a peaceful scene!

  3. These are great photos of the barn, and the goat playing hide n seek.

  4. Hello, pretty church and I love the barn, the cute goat and chickens. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  5. Lovely pictures. The inside of the church reminds me of the church I attended as a child.

  6. My sister lives in Hardy county, my son next door in Grant. It's just beautiful there.

  7. The church and barn are both beautiful. Quite a sweet goat!

  8. Impressive barn and cute goat pic.


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