May 28, 2017

Sunday Near Strasburg

Round Hill Church of the Brethren was dedicated in 1960, but its roots date back to 1857, when a log building became the first meeting house in Shenandoah County of the Church of the Brethren.

On another side of Strasburg, a family mounts a display of flags for Memorial Day Weekend.

Seen from Red Bud Road


  1. Que belezas e cores na primavera, gostei muito de ver.
    Quantas histórias bacanas! bjs

  2. This is a fine looking church was an interesting history. The flag picture is great for memorial day .

  3. The church looks quite distinctive.

  4. Perfect Memorial Day post -- the flags in the churchyard/graveyard are impressive.

  5. That's a pretty brick church. Someone took a lot of time to place all of those flags. Nicely done and a great photo too.


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