May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Random-osity

The Good: Kernstown Battlefield Park has acquired a huge mural from the Virginia Historical Society. The medium is unusual: a lenticular photo designed to give a three-dimensional effect. Do you remember 3-D postcards and photos, the kind printed on ribbed plastic? The result is intriguing but just about impossible to photograph because light bounces off the surface in several directions. Since light was coming in windows, I could not find an angle that minimized reflections.

The Civil War Battle scenes were staged using reenactors. Read about the creation of this work by Wide-Awake Films.
Sharing with Monday Murals
The Random: Today we attended a Memorial Day Ceremony in Front Royal.  In addition to the traditional speeches and band music, the event included special recognition of "the dogs of war," the brave canines who served the military.  Front Royal has a government training center for dogs, operating since 1942 when it was the first of its kind. 

The Fun: The ceremony concluded with a brief parade of dogs led by trainer Diana Lieber.  Local pets joined in! 

Mosaic Monday


  1. Very realistic style murals.

  2. I can see the challenge in photographing such a mural. The dogs are a fun sight to see.

  3. A lovely day it looks like. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! Sylvia D.

  4. The pet parade looks like so much fun.

  5. What an incredible project! The description makes me wish I could see it. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  6. A lovely post honoring not just brave men and women but also their four legged compatriots.
    Thanks for bringing your special Memorial Day service to MM this week.


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