February 20, 2018

Historic Winchester and Starry Flash.


The Good: There's a monument to Major General Daniel Morgan in Winchester, VA. Morgan settled near Winchester in 1753 and went on to become a hero in the American Revolution.

There are several plaques at the base of the statue, which is at the corner of Piccadilly Street and East Lane.

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The Epitaph on Daniel Morgan's original grave marker at this site:
 Major General Daniel Morgan
On July 6th, 1802 in the 67th year of his age. Patriotism and valor were the prominent features of his character and the honorable services he rendered to his country during the Revolutionary War crowned him with glory and will remain in the hearts of his countrymen a perpetual monument to his memory.
Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Brigadier General Daniel Morgan March 9, 1781 for his victory at the battle of Cowpens, South Carolina January 17, 1781.

You can read more on HMDB (Historical Marker Database).  

The Random: Across the street from the Daniel Morgan Monument is a tabletop-style sign entitled "Jacob Baker Lot And Virginia City Addition." It tells how a booming textile industry provided housing for workers over a century ago. "The Jacob Baker and Virginia City tracts are a time capsule of early twentieth-century housing styles, including late Folk Victorian homes along National Avenue, boxy American Foursquares on East Piccadilly Street, and modest Colonial Revival single family and townhouses in Virginia City."

Again, you can read more on the Historical Marker Database.

The Fun: It is National Love Your Pet Day! I tried to dress Flash up just a little for the occasion but he did not think it was a hot idea, so I dressed up his picture using a starry effect. 

It's now been a full year since Flash was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He's been on medication and is doing pretty well, although there are times when he spits out his pills and I have to re-hide them in tasty treats, sometimes over and over. About 10 days ago we had to increase the Lasix to help his breathing, but it has worked well and now he has more pep.


  1. Love that shot of Flash. Glad he's doing well.

  2. I hope Flash will stay with you guys for a long time. Wish him all the best!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Nice to see people like that remembered.

  4. Flash is looking quite distinguished!

    Everything I've ever read about Daniel Morgan, he was quite a general, and even more of a character.

  5. Flash looks so shy but what a star!
    Great monument - Winchester is a lovely place to find lots of history!

  6. Nice monument and a great way to pay tribute to an important person.
    Glad to hear that Flash is doing well. I had to laugh when you said you needed to re-hide the medication in a treat. We had a dog who had to take medication for an ear problem he had. Grilled cheese was his favorite medication hiding spot. So we made some sandwiches, cut them up into small pieces and froze them. It worked and he was a happy dog. :) The things we do for our 4-legged friends.


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