February 21, 2018

Backyard Birds, Warren County, VA

We are in the midst of an unseasonably warm spell. If it doesn't cool down soon, I need to consider whether to keep feeding the birds. The seed and suet can attract bears, and they will destroy the feeders and perhaps tear into the trash.

For now I am still seeing plenty of birds, especially around the feeders. Here we see some sparrows, a gold finch, a red-bellied woodpecker, a male cardinal, and Canada geese. The geese would be around even if I don't feed them because people do so on the other side of the lake.

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  1. Great photo of the Sparrows!
    Love the Woodpecker, too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I saw tons of geese yesterday, some just stopping.I see nesting starting with a few species.

  3. Beautiful bird visitors! I know what you mean about the bears...we have a much smaller critter we have to keep at bay, a ground-burrowing squirrel! One burrowed a tunnel under my house, and they can damage your underpinnings! We had to stop putting out seed.

  4. Very good company to have around! Hopefully the bears sleep a little longer.

  5. Glad we don't have to worry about bears around here, guess I'll complain a little less about the squirrels. Such a pretty goldfinch photo!

  6. these are all so beautiful, crisp and in focus!! bird that excite me to see at my feeders!!!

  7. Beautiful birds, they know where the food is. I can't imagine seeing a bear around the neighborhood.

  8. That bright red cardinal is so pretty!


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