December 31, 2017

Looking for a Photo of the Year.

Here we are at the very end of 2017 so...

Happy New Year!

Meanwhile, I am trying to pick a Photo of the Year to post to City Daily Photo. Here are some runner-ups. I'll post the final pick tomorrow.

First, three black and white edits.

  1. The re-enactors were near the 8th Vermont Monument at Cedar Creek. 
  2. I added the sparkles to the angel statue using Movavi software.
  3. Someone at Harper's Lawn Ornaments had the idea of putting a concrete sculpture under the flow of water in a lighted feature. I just snapped a picture of it and I like the look.

And then there are the color photos. It's hard to pick what's best or most topical or even most liked. My site statistics show that certain older posts got the most hits, with only one post from 2017 placing in the top ten of popularity, and that one (Today in Charlottesville) does not have very good photos. So I picked some based on specialness.
Bear in Shenandoah National Park.
Selfie, Viewing the Eclipse.
Flash, Coming Home in the Car.
Lynn, showing off the pants she altered by adding ruffles. She was going to a rock concert.

I wanted to show her spirit because this is the year she beat cancer. She got the diagnosis a year ago and recently the doctor said she is definitely cancer-free. She is still dealing with the side-effects of radiation, though.

The first rule of success is to survive.
Children at State Arboretum, Boyce, VA.
Autumn, Shenandoah Valley.
View of Front Royal from Skyline Drive.
Bronze Dawn, Virginia Beach.


  1. Hello, lovely series from your past year. I especially love the bear, your Flash and the Virginia Beach photo. I wish you all the best in 2018, a very happy and healthy New Year!

  2. You have many good choice, with an enviable variety of styles.

  3. Best wishes for a great new year

  4. You certainly have lots to choose from. I'll wait to see what you pick.

  5. Yes, it's sure hard to choose one best photo isn't it? I like your "bronze dawn photo the best. Good luck on your decision and happy New Year!

  6. These are all great! I think my favorites are Flash, the bear, and the children running under the trees.

  7. Happy New Year!

    Flash has such a happy look.

  8. Linda,

    Fabulous recap of the old year through photos! You have some jewels here and it's such fun to go back through photo archives like you did, too. I wanted to do that but I didn't do much photography. I hope to do more in 2018, though. Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Here's to have fun, happy new year, my friend. May God's blessings continue to flow upon you and yours. XOXO

  9. IMHO, that bronze dawn photo is the best. Beautiful image!


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