April 12, 2016

Angels, Rose Hill Cemetery

We visited this cemetery in Hagerstown some time ago. I was looking for the grave of my ancestor George Hammer but learned that his grave is unmarked. He died in 1853 and was originally buried in a church cemetery. Later the church expanded and moved many graves to Rose Hill, including those of George and his wife Catharine. For some reason, their markers were buried. The cemetery office has a record of the approximate location. We wandered that area and found some markers for members of the Newcomer family, who are distantly related.

I posted his portrait in 2013.
Sharing with Tuesday Treasures.


  1. Two beautiful angels Linda. We are also researching my ancestors. I was delighted to find that several of them moved to America in colonial times.

  2. That's a shame the grave is unmarked but it happened been in our local churchyard. The two memorials you showed as beautiful

  3. I just completed a post of angel memorials. I love to visit cemeteries to see the beautiful sculptures. Thanks Linda for sharing this week and I hope that you return soon.

  4. Lovely angel statues. It's too bad the grave you wanted to find was unmarked.

  5. The angel tombstones are quite impressive.

  6. These are lovely angel statues, they are looking over us all.

    All the best Jan


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