September 27, 2015

Mt. Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church

One of the sites open for Heritage Days in Hardy County was this little church in Baughman Settlement near Baker. When we arrived there yesterday we were greeted by some friendly ladies who even asked us to pose for a picture! We were their only visitors at that moment, probably because the church is a bit isolated, over 3 miles down a winding (but scenic) country road.

Between the church and the cemetery is a monument to "Confederate Veterans in Mt. Moriah Lutheran Cemetery and Baughman Settlement."

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The monument is inscribed on both sides. Many of the surnames are the same as those common on the other side of Great North Mountain in Virginia, reminding us that people often migrated across the mountains 100 and 200 years ago.

In addition to Baughman, last names include Barbe, Combs, Garrett, Heishman, Hulver, Landacre, Sherman, Sisler, Wilkins, and Wilmer.

The church building was dedicated in 1907. According to the Heritage Weekend Guide, the Lutheran Congregation was active in the settlement before 1833.
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  1. Lovely little church or chapel you found there, cemetery looks a good one to walk round

  2. That's a lovely church. How nice that they took your picture.

  3. what a cutie. i love it! what a rural area. love that. have a great week, Linda. ( :

  4. Neat history in your neck of the woods.


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