September 24, 2015

September on Bucks Mill Road

Let's start this brief tour with a nice barn scene for the Good Fences linkup. Next we have a sign hanging from a chain in front of a fishing spot on the North Fork. This is for the Signs Signs meme

It's may be hard to read this on your screen so I'll transcribe the message minus the number. (We don't want that showing up for spambots.)
The county "had no money" to buy this. Thus it is PRIVATE PROPERTY... If you have permission, text (preferred) or call each time you come here. Pick up all trash. Owner not responsible for any accidents. 
Bucks Mill Road
Passage Creek seen from the Road


  1. i hope folks respect the owner's wishes. :)

  2. Hello Linda!:) Beautiful country scenes, I love those tree lined lanes like the one you show here, and the creek with stepping stones- The land owner has got it covered! A most unusual sign for sure.
    Best Regards.

  3. I can't always get excited about barns, but loved those last two shots; beautiful. Amused by the sign!

  4. Pretty scenes, I like the creek! Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  5. Pretty photos. I especially like the last two.

  6. Great photos .thank for sharing. Have nice weekend

  7. Love your last two photo's ...

    All the best Jan

  8. lovely country scenes -- hopefully people will read the sign and keep it that way. I love photographing barns.

  9. Beautiful country scene, a very nice barn with fence and a good funny sign all make for a great post.

    Here is the link to my GF as I am playing catch up on blogs today.

  10. I wonder how many people will take the trouble to read all that's on this sign!


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