September 29, 2015


Frank told me last year that he'd like to have the chance to hold a baby lamb. Well, he got his chance on Sunday during the Rappahannock County Farm Tour.

Our very first stop was Over Jordan Farm, also known as Bean Hollow Grassfed. They had day-old lamb twins, and the farmer let us hold one. Isn't he cute?


The farm has three large dogs who keep the sheep safe from bears and coyotes. Although these predators sound fearsome, the farmer said that a bigger threat to the sheep are tiny parasites.

The farm is a demonstration farm for rotational grazing. The objective is to actually improve the soil while raising healthy animals. We've run into a similar practice a few years ago on a farm tour in Warren County.

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  1. Oh, how adorable!

  2. Very cute! I notice the watchfulness of the dog.

  3. That lamb is adorable. How neat that you got the chance to hold it.

  4. They re so looolovely! At the last picture I think I can see a golden retriever.

    Visiting from 'Through my Lens', greetings from Hilde

  5. I miss seeing all the baby lambs and goats. The first shot made me laugh.


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