March 24, 2017

Pics from the Car and Some Health Updates

1. It's Friday again and I have five random items to share, starting with a view from Dickey Ridge that I took from the car. 

Skywatch Friday and Scenic Weekends
2.  I take quite a few pictures from the car because I still can't walk very far. It's been six months since my foot surgery so I am feeling impatient! The incision has healed and most of the swelling is gone but the ankle problems that apparently caused the injury seem to be worse. I go to physical therapy every week but results have been slow.

Fortunately I can walk short distances so I can do many normal tasks, but recreational walking is just too painful. Even shopping is limited. I lean on the cart and skip any aisles that aren't on my must-have list. Sorry for complaining but I used to love walking so this is frustrating.

3. Flash is so patient about posing! What a good boy!

I took him back to the veterinarian yesterday. I was concerned because he has been coughing in the morning, a sign that his lungs get congested during the night. He also had been wheezing at times. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a month ago so I'm watching him carefully. Early last week his vet said he was doing well and lowered his medication dose, but now we had to increase the Lasix a little, although it's still below the level of last month.

4.  On Monday I had an appointment in Charlottesville and Frank drove on the way home. (Usually I drive first and he takes the second shift when I'm tired or my ankle gets sore.) I took a few pictures from the passenger seat such as this one on I-81. What is a "Cookie Car?" I don't know.
Sharing with Signs, Signs
5. Here's one more picture that I took from inside the car. Can you figure out what it is?


  1. A cookie car? Now that's my kinda car! Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  2. Glad to hear Flash is doing well!

  3. Sorry you're having issues with your ankle. Hope you'll be able to walk more soon!

  4. I'm assuming that last one's a puddle reflection?

  5. I am so sorry your foot is healing so slowly! Not being able to walk far is just a pain...I live with that all the time now. You don't want to go there permanently yet! Poor Flash...he's a cute dog! I love the photos...that last one looks like raindrops in a puddle.

  6. Wish your injury would get better. I do a cardio workout in a 94 degree pool that limbers me up

    1. Oh, I would like access to a warm pool!

  7. Sorry to hear that your ankle still is bothering you. I would be aggravated too because I love walking. It's good that Flash is maintaining well. I do hope you ankle improves over time.

  8. I'm sorry to hear your ankle is still giving you trouble. I used to walk more too, but a knee injury that never healed quite right has curtailed a lot of the walking I used to do. Flash is such a cutie.

  9. Flash is adorable! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. Thanks for joining OYGIF. The photo will be featured this weekend. Hope you could drop by.


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