March 25, 2017

Birds and Furry Visitors

How fortunate we are to see birds and animals in our own back yard. We have a view of a small lake, which is why we decided to buy this particular house.

These ducks are standing on the fountain that the community association installed to aerate the water. Right now it's not working but it will be soon, now that winter is over. A new motor for it is sitting inside our back door because my husband handled the replacement of it, and some volunteers will install it soon.
(Converted to Black and White because it was already almost colorless.)
We not only get to see a couple different species of ducks, we have a couple species of geese too.

This rabbit lives in our back yard. I saw him when I pulled in the driveway and he held very still, hoping I would not see him.

The furry creature that I see the most frequently is the squirrel. He and his family feel entitled to whatever I put out for the birds.

The bright red bird is a male cardinal and this sweet lady is the female cardinal. I love seeing them and they love sunflower seeds!

But I'm not buying any more sunflower seed this year. The bears will be roaming around soon and I don't want them tearing down my feeders.


  1. Beautiful series! I'm familiar with ducks, geeese, and squirrels - though not so close to the house - butI'm VERY glad I don't have to worry about bears! Your Cardinals are very beautiful.

  2. Hello Linda!:) It must be lovely living so close to the water, and seeing all the ducks and geese in your garden. Love your MR and Mrs Cardinal pictures, the squirrel and the bunny. I see rabbits on the farm, but not in our garden, but they are the cutest critters to watch. Thanks for the delightful images of your garden residents and visitors.:)

  3. ...a wonderful collection.

  4. Cardinals are always a #1 bird for me...tho I like all birds, I just can't help but favor that stunning red.
    Cute, cute squirrel too.

    Thanks so much for adding your link, sharing with all of us other birders around the world!!

    Have a great week ahead--
    Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

  5. Hello, love the beautiful cardinals and the cute geese. The fountain in the summer helps to keep the bugs away too. I wished the lake in our Florida neighborhood had a fountain, the bugs could be awful at time. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  6. Love those cardinals! Your association takes good care of the lake and the wildlife appreciate it!

  7. Wonderful critters to have around. I've had occasion to pass by rabbits that I'd have never seen- had they not moved.

  8. Beautiful Cardinals and I always love seeing a squirrel!

  9. Pretty birds! I always love watching the "squirrel gymnastics" at my bird feeder.

  10. I like your wildlife photos. The cardinals are especially pretty.


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