March 30, 2017

Blog Post #5900

Years ago I read one of John Muir's books and I could really relate to it. He loved nature and found spiritual inspiration in the wilderness. I am passionate about the importance of the natural world. I know that many of my fellow photobloggers share this dedication.

Our current administration denies the importance of protecting the environment. Greed seems to have overtaken long-held American values. Of course this is upsetting to those of us who really love our country and our world! But we must not succumb to feeling hopeless, even though we see the signs of climate change already and we fear for the animals who will be wiped out.

But now it is up to us! Our national government may fail to rescue our planet, but we cannot give up on our state governments, organizations, individuals, other countries, and enlightened companies. Very likely the movement toward sustainable energy has already reached critical mass!

We must continue our efforts. Live responsibly, share your enthusiasm, educate! Keep the contact information for your congressmen and local politicians handy, and use it frequently. They must answer to us and we need to make ourselves heard!

Support organizations that are working to protect the environment! If you cannot send money, follow them on social media. They will publish ideas on how you can help. Some that I like are Environmental Defense, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club.

Of course we must also look after ourselves. Be prepared for storms; they are already more severe than they used to be. Take weather warnings seriously. Please be safe!

P.S. This is actually more than my 5,900th post. My stats say 5904 but my count since post #5800 tells me it is even higher. I started blogging in 2005 so we'll be looking at my 12th anniversary soon!


  1. An amazing amount of posts Linda, and this one is dear to my heart. Thank you for writing it and sharing the links.

  2. It is upsetting, sad, and scary the changes that have been made in the past three months. You are right, though, we must not give up.

  3. Thank you for a lovely photo blog about western Virginia scenery and historic sites. However, I cannot keep looking at your blog and commenting. Once many months ago you made a disparaging comment about the Confederacy that I overlooked (we can all have differing opinions, that's ok) but now you have posted this, and though I am sure others will be in accordance with your views, and continue to look at your blog, I am not going to be one of them. was just too offensive to my love of my country and of nature and to my high values to be spoken of in such a way. I believe we are on the right track. Have a wonderful life.

    1. Sorry to see you go. I did not think it was offensive. I love this country and do not want it to get more polluted. When I was a child, I lived near the Potomac River and it stunk from sewage. It is cleaner now, thanks to environmental laws. Now I live near the Shenandoah and it was polluted many years ago and the fish are still unsafe to eat, even though the source of pollution stopped decades ago. We need the EPA more than ever.

  4. Nice to stir up some great thoughts. I enjoy volunteering with many groups.

  5. Post 5900 ... and counting!

    All the best Jan


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