May 20, 2019

New Mural on Mexican Restaurant

When I took this picture in April, the artist was just finishing the mural on a restaurant in Winchester. Unfortunately, the city said it was in violation of an ordinance on signs. They demanded that it be painted over, but citizens protested so a meeting was held. It looks like the mural may be allowed to stay.


  1. Oh I hope so Linda, it's beautifully painted, tasteful too ✨

  2. So glad the mural is staying. Thanks for contributing Linda.

  3. Glad it is staying. Silly that the city would want to paint over it.

  4. Good that it is staying in place.

  5. I hope it can stay, it's beautifully done.

    All the best Jan

  6. I like the mural. It is colorful and cheery.


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