August 26, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

I'm interrupting the photo-story of our trip to the Eastern Shore because it's National Dog Day!

Benny and Flash

It was a beautiful day today and I was considering taking our dogs to the dog park in Front Royal. Then I read that it was National Dog Day and that confirmed the idea; we were going to the park!

There are two large pens there and the "big dog" one had an occupant. He looked like he could use some company but since our dogs have not been to a real dog park before, we took them into the "small dog" area, which was vacant.

Later they were joined by a couple of beagles and everyone got along. Eventually an energetic young dog was brought in and Flash did not appreciate him bouncing up to him and air-snapped at him. This seemed like a good time to leave.  But on the whole, I was pleased that the boys behaved well, especially Ben.

At Eastham Park, Along the South Fork
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  1. I heard that on TV today that it was National Dog Day...I had not heard that... Hope your babies enjoyed their time at the dog park... I don't have a dog now (used to) ---but our community does have a dog park....


  2. Cute puppy dogs. I did not know about National dog day until very late last night. :(
    Love the photos, have a great day!

  3. It's interesting how dogs do so much better when no one is on a leash. Glad they did so well!

  4. Looks like both of your dogs enjoyed their special day. :)

  5. Lindos os seus cães...amo a minha cadelinha Cléo! bjss

  6. I am embarrassed to say EVERY day at our house is dog day...and cat day. When will they celebrate people day and feed me? And I don't mean a mortally injured rodent.

  7. Well, happy dog day to you and your dog(s), too.

    I love dogs, but haven't had one since I was a in thigh school. When I was working, I wasn't home enough ---so www had cats ---and now that I'm retired, we are traveling a lot.

  8. They look happy! What a great way to spend National Dog Day.

  9. Regarding your comment at my blog, Jeff Shaara's dad Michael wrote the Killer Angels, a Civil War novel. Jeff has written several military history novels, including in the Civil War. The current series examines the war in the west.

  10. Sounds like fun, and you had a beautiful day for it!


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