August 29, 2014

Rainy Morning at the Beach

Frank likes to see the sun rise at the beach, so while on our trip we got up early one morning and drove across the causeway to Assateague Island.  I was pretty skeptical because it seemed very cloudy, and as we walked across the sand we started feeling raindrops falling. I went back to the car but Frank was determined to continue in spite of the weather.  He didn't get to see the sun appear, but he enjoyed the coming of the day and the mood of the ocean. 

The rain let up a couple of times and eventually he appeared over the top of the dune.

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  1. Amazing raindrops! On the windshield?

  2. Looks like the rain did not spoil his fun! Great shots, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I like rain --even at the beach!!! BUT--this summer I really wish we had more rain here at home. It just keeps going right around us --and missing us. Recently, a place only a short drive from here got. 2.5 inches --and we got .1 of an inch.. Frustrating. SO-send us some of that 'beach' rain!!!

  4. I like both of your photos. The top one makes me happy, seeing rain. (We're in a drought.( The bottom one is also makes me smile. Guy walking on beach lugging finds. :-)
    Take 25 to Hollister

  5. What a joy to have all that beauty to oneself.


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