August 23, 2014

Channel Cat in Sepia

Chincoteague, Virginia

Okay, in the title I'm playing with words. The term "channel cat" usually refers to a catfish, but here I'm referring to the cat's location beside the Chincoteague Channel.

He appeared to be stalking the seagulls. I wonder if he ever caught any!

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  1. very cute. and, yes, i was expecting a catfish. :)

  2. Cute kittie..I hope the gulls stayed a safe distance from the channel cat.. Thank you for linking up with my critter post.. Have a happy Sunday!

  3. I really like this tabby cat, beautiful pictures !!

  4. He's a handsome fella in sepia!

  5. Cute post! Love your sepia shots!

  6. Such a pretty cat. This looks good in sepia.

  7. Great title for your photos. The sepia tones are nice. That cat looked to be posing for you in the first shot. It's a very nice looking cat. The seagulls should beware!


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