January 17, 2016

The Old Rugged Cross

Sometimes a sunset demands to be photographed, and I've found that a church parking lot offers a safe place to pull off the road. This one had a wooden cross that made an interesting divider for the image.

On this occasion I neglected to get a picture of the church, which was shrouded in darkness. Since I travel that road through Rivermont fairly often, I stopped there a few days ago and got a shot for InSPIRED Sunday. This was also in the evening but there was a little more light so at least you can see the door.

This is Bennett's Chapel UMC. I just compared this picture to one I took in 2014 and it's interesting that I chose the same viewpoint. It's not the first time I've noticed that I tend to choose the same spot without being aware of it. 


  1. Made a good subject in a sunset. Very nice photo

  2. I've rarely seen a sunset that doesn't demand to be photographed.

  3. Both shots are pretty and appealing!

  4. What beautiful shots and especially the first one.

  5. Lovely sunset photo. I really like that first one.

  6. The sunset is a perfect backdrop for both photos.


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