October 7, 2005

Shultz History

We spent some time in the Shenandoah County Library today looking for information on Frank's ancestors with the surname Shultz. I was surprised at the large amount of Pennsylvania and German-American genealogical information that they have here.

shultz marker
Last week we visited Marklesburg, PA to see the old Shultz cemetery. The image at left is the marker on route 26 that led us to it. It was erected by Lawrence Shultz of Indiana in the 1960's. He also published a family history which we located in Huntingdon. Here's what the marker says:

Shultz Cemetery
John Shultz, 1791-1851
Mary (Beaver) Shultz, His Wife

Henry Shultz , 1762-1830
Salome, His Wife, Mother of John

Anthony Beaver, 1761-1839
Susanna (Clapper) Beaver, His Wife
Mother of Mary

Lawrence Shultz of Indiana, A Descendant

The cemetery is on private land and is overgrown. Across the road is a lovely pastoral view which probably hasn't changed much since the Shultzes saw it.


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